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From a military point of view, these men are as a rule of no future value. Several of these, in my series, were due to fracture of the greater The ease with which the shoulder is dislocated in some individuals, the frequency with which such dislocations are reduced spontaneously, and the disability that notoriously persists after shoulder dislocations, all led me to think that many of the obscure cases of stiff and painful shoulder have their origin in an unrecognized spontaneously reduced dislocation (and this may occur, in presented itself which established the correctness of this hypothesis. It will be seen that the.control and treated animals behaved alike; that is to say, one of each died and one of each survived.

The assistant then steadies the head in the median line in with tmigiie forceps or gaiiie--and exerts moderate tractUni. A booklet of interest to physicians and dietitians will be sent on request.

Many persons of this type become bolder and less cautious as the attacks increase.

The danger to life increases with each successive attack. Neither her husband nor her mother ever noticed any blood in patient's urine excepting during menstruation. (j) Retinoscope (electric, with battery in handle). At first it is insinuating and almost if not quite imperceptible, and, like Uriah Heap, very huml)le, but, as the colony increases and its abode enlarges, it begins to assert its presence, sometimes by sirnply stimulating the activity of the structure it invades, and later the entire economy takes on an increased activity, bodily temperature is increased, the blood circulation is accelerated, nutritive processes are impaired, waste exceeds repair, and the tuberculous abode of his majesty, the V)acillus, breaks down into ruins, and the crumbling walls enter the river of life, which thus becomes putrid, and sepsis overpowers the victim.

Journal of the Lungs and Pleura.

Subsequent immersion in a calcium solution brings about a partial return of irritability. The left-hand segment of the cord was struck with the ulnar side of the hand while lying on the table. Obtained from water which corresponded to Bacillus coli in every water supplies throughout the state of Maryland and the city of I have described the various types of gas production, in order to point out the fact that the colon bacillus produces results in the lactose bouillon fermentation-tube which might be considered as characteristic.

The blood of the pigeons was examined for several days thereafter, but the organisms were not found. If a with rftles, in cases in which no unhealed cavity exists, are too often There remain to be briefly described those cases in which there has been a sudden and extensive formation of tubercle about the bronchi.


The stitches had been removed from both wounds, union being perfect in each instance. On the fiftieth day, be was allowed to leave his bed for an easy-chair; and, sixty-two days after the injury, he departed for his home, a distance of more than two hundred miles: oxybutynin.

Any of the substances producing coloration when added to aqueous solutions of antipyrin may be employed in testing the urine for it.

These small islands develop subsequently into secondary tumors, and the disease recurs.

The contractile power of the gravid uterus had been proved to be such that this function could be confidently relied upon in cases of accouche ment force. The drug should be given after food, and the little patient required to lie down for a half-hour afterward in order to avoid the view that minute, long-continued doses of arsenic exert a stimulating action on nerve tissue. Giant cells are present in large numbers in the majority.

This work will be difficult in view of the industrial and economic conditions all over the country, but every effort is worth making when we know the reward is the saving of an infant's NOTES ON BIOLOGIC PRODUCTS FROM THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. Primary streptococcus lung involvement is rare.


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