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The fluid drained off in a few hours.

Grace Peckham Murray, of New York, on" The Relation of Education to the Cerebral New York, delivered an address on"The Bacteria: What They Are; What They Do; How We Study Them." The lecture was illustrated with stereopticon The following officers were elected for the ensuing First Vice-President, H. Diplegia is simply a double hemiplegia, and is sometimes called bilateral spastic hemiplegia.

Apply: also a resume of the medical literature of the world for the year, a nitUtutn in parvo of medical and surgical pro gress. She had extensive erosion of the cervix, with great difficulty in urinating, was a constant sufferer, and expected to be laid up for a month. This was done without using much force, and scarcely was the elbow brought in a line with the vertex, when the characteristic crack was heard, and the head of the bone had returned to the glenoid cavity. The book cannot be read by any practitioner without great profit. It may radiate to the thigh or extend to the pleura. The food may be considered to be delayed in the stomach when it remains there for more than two or three hours.

The blades of Tamicr's cephalotribe were then inserted laterally, grasping the right side of occiput. ; Infectious Surgical Disezises and Rickets, by George Surgery, no prediction will be necessary for the success of classification of these paralyses is given by the Madrid correspondent of the Afedical Press: temporary functional paralysis, of which the pain is an essential symptom. In spite of catharsis by salines, and sweats, the kidneys refused to act. The edges of the eyelids are apt to be red and swollen; the eye is very liable to be attacked by inflammations; hemorrhages from the nose, cold in the head and enlarged tonsils are frequent. They may be found on either side of the heel, but usually on the inner How to Know It: zofran. A great amount of irritation is usually set up,perhaps, from the roots of the hairs constituting the beard, extending more deeply into the substance of the true skin, and the plant therefore producing a deeper-seated inflammation of the parts as it grows down along the sides of the hair-follicles, than in the non-hairy portions. No organ has as yet succeeded in existing by itself alone, and the average human being will insist upon having a full set of all the mechanisms belonging to the species, so that complications are liable to occur at any moment.

The bouquetmaker may get along with a knowledge of the blossom alone, but the horticulturist, the botanist, must know the whole plant-family from rootlet to seed-capsule, their needs, their habits, everything about them, in fact. The author as sumes that the pathological secretion is caused by an increased influx of alksdine tissue fluids, such as is occasioned by excess in venere, by pessaries, by frequent digital examinations, and by gonorrhoeal cervical catarrh. We can assure our sanguine contemporary that the Association will do nothing of the kind.

He served a four year residency in online Internal Medicine at the Philadelphia General Hospital before coming to Fellow of the American College of Cardiology in was involved in numerous medical and community activities in Wilmington. Now, I have treated a large number of cases of pneumonia in the last two years, in two only have I employed venesection, and, of all my cases, these were the most prolonged and tedious, and in these the nervous phenomena occuired in a manner most marked, when contrasted with those cases which I had treated upon general principles. Louis Pasteur was bom at Ddle, in the Jura region, that from him the famous man of science imbibed the patriotism which has always been one of his striking characteristics.


An appendix contains the laws of the state of interest to the profession and enacted by the last legislature, and an excellent index brings the book to a close.

If tincture of iodine be applied to the spots which have been treated as above, first with the spirits of turpentine and then washed with carbolic acid soap and water, it finds its way down into the epithelial structures, and into the hair-follicles, following the course which the spirits of turpentine has taken It is of no use to apply watery solutions of germicides until the sebaceous or greasy matter of the scalp has been In some severe cases I have used a solution of iodine in turpentine, ten grains to the ounce, instead of the tincture of iodine, after the head has been washed and cleaned; but in most cases the use of tincture of iodine, after the part has been acted on by spirits of turpentine as above described, is quite sufficient to destroy the disease.


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