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Death on the tenth day by sudden been on a debauch; active delirium at night; severe frontal headache; diarrhoea; muscular pains in legs: severe pain in neck; petechial eruption; eye injected; bronchitis. In endeavouring to accomplish the first he would attempt to define the exact signification of osteo-porosis in a long bone; whether or no it is a progressive condition from below upwards; what is the exact nature of the breaking-down process in the medulla; and what are the relations of osteo-mj'elitis to pyemia; and of the second, to give hearing to other observers, and if unable to refute their statements, to freely acknowledge them by giving them the proper place in the literature of the subject. The cracked-pot sound in pneumonia is not increased in intensity when the patient's mouth is open. I have also known females, descended from a common stock, much given to aborting. During that period, small monkeys were issued exclusively to the Bureau of Biologies, and large monkeys were reserved for contract breeding programs. In this stage, owing to irritation of the bronchial mucous membrane, there may be expectoration of a tough, glairy mucus, or as a gumma softens the expectoration The objective phenomena vary: the chest is often well developed, the body fairly nourished, and constitutional symptoms of a severe character may be wanting. Mycotic aneurysms have also been reported in a drug addict who had a septic endarteritis in an inferior vena cava-renal fistula and D. Edward's mother testified that she couldn't tell whether she was right-handed or left-handed; she was" handy" with antabuse both hands. Devoting himself exclusively to diseases of the eye, etc., he soon had a lucrative practice and made for himself a wide reputation as an oculist.


It would have a deeper significance and a more far reaching influence than would at first appear. Indeed, men of science were little known in that Old World whence we came.

BODINE, DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY IN THE next, and continue till the last of March. And jjus had burrowed amid the muscles of the exjiloratory incision from three inches above to five inches below the trochanter; the bone was then removed. In the first named we find a rod-shaped, and in the second a that of dengue is spherical, and is found in the blood cell, as well as in the plasma.


A; death followed immediately after several inspirations from a renewed supply of chloroform. Fractures of the lower end of the radius are best treated by flexing the hand at a right angle with the forearm; this position being maintained by moans of a pasteboard splint and dextrine bandage. Dercum, classes of mental diseases. Next morning, although pressure had been kept up more or less during all the night, and the child fed on beef-tea and wine, with use of iron internally, the hemorrhage continued.

The patient in such a condition as this is of course strictly confined to the bed, and needs constitutional, as well as local, treatment.

As he shall show in the study of the dangers and objections, he considers the operation a perfectly safe one if the simple rules now generally observed by operators are faithnilly carried out.

William Fair, has, we are informed, Iteeu carefully discussed and revised at the recent meeting of the Statistical Coujjress held ut Vienna, while a nomenclature subslanlially the one has been adopted in Bavaria, and is quietly making its way among practical An accurate nomenclature and classification of diseases are highly desirable objects, but in the present state of our knowledge can scarcely be attained, so far at least as to render any system of nosological terminology fixed and determined. It is probably true that the cramp is generally due to some excess of motility in the system at large, and that the larynx is the seat of pathological changes that aetermine the spasm in that organ. K the pneumonia ia central, the vocal fremitus may not be increased. From fibroid forms of pulmonary disease we have the pressure-signs, giving evidences of mediastmal new formation; also the possible prune-juice expectoration of cancer. In thin fluids it is generally heard, and ordinarily it is not found in purulent pleurisies.


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