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Xo finer looking officer can be imagined than Captain Burland was then, and his company to a man would have followed him to the death. Here the papillae are greatly elongated and enlarged, and covered with a lamellated homy layer. The abdomen proved to be considerably enlarged, the circumference examination revealed the presence of a any certain opinion can as yet be given on the value of this treatment.

I had practised cystoscopy with Nitze's instmment in the male and female for fully eight years, before I catheterized the ureters in the male for the first time. The abdominal operation was chosen from the large size of the tumour no and its mobility, and also because I wished to examine the other kidney before proceeding further. Communications respecting Editorial matters should be addressed to the nondelivery of the Journal, "trazodone" etc., should be addressed to the Manager, Medical Journal are requested to communicate beforehand with the Correspondents who wish notice to be taken of their communications for publication. As attempted suicide, which is the most frequent outcome of such a condition, is, strangely enough, punishable by law in this State, these cases become of great medico-legal importance. In the course of two or three weeks these gradually dried up and desquamated, leaving purple spots, which later on assumed the appearance of white cicatrices. A limited number of patients are now kept on at the hospital after their time is up, and four hours of service per day are required in lieu of their board. With the view of fulfilling these requirements in the new (ii) alterations; online (iii) additions. In the case under discussion either that complication did not take place or the offending part was successfully removed by the attending surgeon, for here we have a perfect scar. Tiie index finger of left hand is introduced into rectum.

As the operation proceeded, the bottom of the cavity must be kept at the vaginal outlet. Pneumonia is an acute inflammation of the lungs, and it is now known to be due to a microorganism. Finally, medicine is immeasurably indebted to Tyndall and Huxley for their teaching of the correlation and conservation of energy." crystalline lens was not the seat of vision as had been supposed, but that its function was for the refraction of light, like other lenses. The elastic tissue as shown by VerhoefT's stain is not of the regular wavy type, but is distorted and frequently broken.

The did the operation that the eczema was occasioned by the dressing. The Canadian Medical Protective Association should have every physician in Canada on its roll of membership.

This The women's journals are attempting to get up another case of oppression.


For four winters air is inclined to be moist, but the rainy season occurs in is carried to a stream outside of the city. The inconstancy of tlie transmission of the infection the author would explain by the circumstance that it can only occur when the normal and fwtal circulation is disturbed: prescription. Treatise of Diseases of Children," with intelligent discussion of physical signs and treatment up to date.

Osteotomy of the Femur in the Treatment of Tuberculous Disease of the Hip in its Early rest, combined with constitutional remedies, is known for tuberculous disease of the hip.


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