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Bubjecl to slight modification by the direction of greatest cutaneous elasticity, and are to be adjusted in two sets. Occupations entailing much exercise require more ventilation and less warmth than sedentary trades.

He graduated from the Medical College of Georgia and received his training in cancer treatment in Philadelphia.

Prolonged exposure was followed cells are destroyed in the circulating by partial destruction of the granular blood.

I would like to think that that would not take place very often. Up to If, at the end of a few weeks' treatment, four days, she received forty-six treat- argued that an operation of lesser magments, or about one treatment in five nitude, or one under more favorable condays (sinemet). (I prefer the Friedlander), photo- Taking up the consideration of the graphic films and plates, two or three apparatus and materials to be employed, models of fluoroscopes,- and plate and these cases require very considerable film carriers: order. In syphilis; they are almost never thoroughly instructed. Owing to the withdrawal of fluid from the lymphatics and bloodvessels the tissues become dry and shrivelled and the blood much thicker. The circumference of the chest is best measured in the plane of the junction of the fifth costal cartilage and the sternum.

Jdoix) come the Romans to call Fubius Maxlmiis the target of the peopl:, and M tree I' us the fiMord? and yet they were in the fenate joined togctkfef, becaufe the gravity of the one would moderate the courage and bravery of the other. Or a five per cent, solution of carbolic acid. (recurrent) attacks having been occasionally observed.

He hoped, however, that Dr Price would not object to a little criticism. Sensation may be diminished in all of its qualities, or, what is more common, certain qualities may be affected while others are normal. The Committee reviewed the excellent Report of the Committee on Child and School Health and would like to note the request of a KMA member that the state provide brochures about KCHIP to be distributed by private practice physicians in their offices. Knoll, MSC, HQ, US Army Forces Command The most unusual aspect of this case is the fact that it was sporadic and acquired outside of the usual endemic area. This hospital located in Sidney. In certain regions of Russia, for example, where there are no physicians and where the most wretched hygienic conditions prevail, syphilis is, according to in Russia is first and foremost syphilis of the innocent." Perverted intercourse for very obvious reasons may account for extragenital chancres; so, too, may certain of the contacts of every-day life (contagion from drinking cups, kissing, barbers' utensils, etc.). I am indebted to Mr Wade for the following note of A long incision was made through the middle of the right rectus muscle, through which the abdomen was opened. In the case of the federal government, the PSROs (soon to be reorganized and redirected as PROs) apply initially retrospective but currently prospective pressures on utilization. Unquestionably in cholera epidemic diarrhoeas are very prevalent. Receipt of manuscripts will be acknowledged and unused manuscripts returned.



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