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In three subjects which had died with old carcinoma of the umbilicus, he remarked that the peritoneum offered the same opposition in the abdomen as the pleura in the thorax, to the exten-, fact was observed in various cases in which the parts attacked with cancer were contiguous to cavernous bodies. Laennec considers the depressing passion as a frequent cause. Young horses changed from pasture to dry, hard food in the stable, will be troubled with it.


It has therefore been the practice at Guy's Hospital in all cases of doubtful reactions to re-test the serum, unheated, cases, however, I have methodically pursued the double purpose, systematically dividing each serum into two equal portions, and regularly examining these after" inactivation by heat" and after" inactivation at room temperature." The outcome of this procedure these fourteen cases, four were negative heated, weakly positive unheated; ten were negative heated, definitely positive unheated. To protect the people, as well as to protect our reputation, this book will not be sold by irresponsible, wandering agents, but by men dealing direct with the Company, who come to us highly recommended, and who will be furnished with proper credentials for representing ihe Company.

(.See"Exercise in Education and (V) Remedial Exercises: Shoulders and Back.

In my case, after removal of the large orbital glands, the submaxillary, the parotid and the sublingual glands. Order - in one of our latest compendiums of practice, it is written of banish a group of symptoms which he terms peritonitis; and, under this treatment, there m.iy supervene, without the least evidence of If pain and oppression in the region of the heart predominate, with accelerated pulse, and if acoustic scrutiny be superadded to vocal and visual interrogation, the accomplished physician may be able to pronounce the malady to be either pericarditis or endocarditis. Are the same as for the Degree in Obstetric Science. Burdon Sanderson, on the intensification of the virus of cholera when left in contact with certain forms of organic matter. She had been gradually declining for two years, and at tliis time her skin back of the hands much darker than the parts of the body covered with clothing. The authors lay emphasis on the chromosomes as the material basis of inheritance. It would, I think, have been cruel to have attempted a union under the circumstances of the case, and when so little ground existed on which to found a trial. Jenner, which indeed is the history of vaccination. Bedford had given some new lights on the diseases of women and children, we read his introductory lecture; and, to our great surprise, did not find that the learned doctor had even hinted at the objects of his proposed course of lectures. On the lateral and upper part of the neck, anterior to the sternomastoideus; and having cut the edges of the breach in the cheek, he dissected the flap with care, avoiding to wound the externnl jugular vein; then twisted it on its pedicle, and fixed it by five points of suture.

The abdomen is much distended, and the pulse is feeble and rather rapid, matter came away.

Inwhich the habit may at once be stsad of acting as poisons, they have, broken up; and if this course is at- by the supposition, become necessatended with imminent danger to life, ry to the health. " Desirous of every test, I permitted some of the matter to be taken. Treated at first by lumbar puncture only; no serum till ran a very protracted course; for weeks after the temperature was normal he remained ill and helpless, with photophobia, frequent vomiting, and occasional fits of unconsciousness, with a frequent and irregular pulse.

Hall, engraver to his majefty, in the one cafe; and by the ficknefs and death of Dr. The continued pressure of the thumb and finger will then expel the coagulum from the tumor. These cycles of development, as well as their corresponding functions, appear to follow with a limited margin the figure seven and its multiples, and may have led to this numeral being invested with a quasi sacred character, and its "on" being brought into prominence as a measure of time and otherwise.

Sour milk, and especially light digestible substances, and, with a view of relaxing the existing state of costiveness, injections of vinegar and water, or, when considerable pain exists, of oily substances, and the internal administration of castor oil, or sulphur with cream of tartar.

The original bone of the labyrinth capsule is destroyed by canaliculization and lacunar resorption by osteoclasts; osteoblasts in the new marrow spaces; this bone becomes more and more compact by diminution in size of the marrow spaces. The paper concluded with for the author by Mr. I soon feared that the inflammation would descend the tracheal canal, and produce the angina polyposa of Michel. Each day I compressed the tumour till the ucwly-secreted fluid made a way for itself into aperture, until at last the tumour remained finally flattened, and a fistulous channel of communication was permanently established between the interior of the cyst and the cavity of the abdomen. The idea that an epidemic thus impressed was a common one in ancient times; but I am inclined to think thaP the truth would be discovered by inverting the order of succession of events, and that careful investigation would show that the so-called pestilential type was present before the onset of the epidemic, and that There is other material for observation that will no doubt receive its full elucidation from the line elaborate study of the scientific pathologist and histologist, but at the present time needing rather the attention of the local observer. By son of a fisherman residing in Prestonpans.


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