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The latter phenergan may occur at any age and is more common in women of hysterical type and deteriorated condition, it is not associated with arteriosclerosis, the pain lasts longer and the patient is excited and agitated during the paroxysm, while the subject of a true anginal attack is quiet. All through the infarcted area there are great numbers of bacilli, which are seen in scattered clumps and in large zooglea masses. The morbid changes may involve the aorta alone or in connection with other groups of arteries, or the whole arterial system may be affected. It grows in moist, shady woods, and in low fields and meadows, flowering in July, and the seeds ripening about a month after the flowers have fallen.

For measuring the velocity of the blood-current. He feels like getting out of bed and walking about his room, or relieves his mind by writing poetry; this is the only thing that will enable him to go to sleep again. The otologist should be consulted and a careful examination of the organ made; the management of the condition belongs rather to the domain of the specialist than to that of the physician.

Splenectomy may be a final resort in certain instances. Before filtering, two or three parts of distilled water are added. It very seldom happens that a person is attacked a second time with the disease, however afterwards exposed to its infection. For aneurysm; ligation on the cardiac side close to the dilatation by means of a gold probe, followed by the injection of an astringent fluid into the sac. Starchy indigestion should be avoided by guarding against a too exclusively vegetable regimen. The effusion of blood, or of bloody serum, or of serum alone, into the various parenchymatous textures, or serous cavities of the body, or from the mucous membranes; of an uncoagulable condition of the blood, and of softening of the solids. In aspiration and tapping the writer does not countenance the partial removal of fluid from cysts or from the abdomen, but urges the complete emptying of such collections.

We know that when food is sparingly ingested, morbid conditions of the surface of the tongue are frequent because its automatic cleansing is deficient. Domestic fruitjellies consist of the inspissated juice of the fruit, with one or two parts of sugar, together with the natural mucilage of the seeds of the fruit. Could not possibly be oxpectcd from iho Coinmercial. And in epileptics, the epileptic aura in which a distinctive odor is perceived being an example. Each department of medicine, obstetrics, surgery, anatomy, physiology, etc., shows the work of a masterly hand, thus giving in a condensed form the whole field of recent medical and sanitary progress.

The exhibition as detailed by surgeon A., unless the effect of a menstruation at the time would be favorable to her being in a virgin state. Sudden attacks of Inflammation of the Brain and its VIII. The cold applications stop the effusion of blood, and promote its absorption: the elevation of the part retards the passage of blood to it. This procedure, in For the severe pain salipyrine, acetphenetidine and antipyrine may be administered; this symptom may, however, require the exhibition of codeine or morphine; the last must be given with caution.


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