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For the two weeks before admission his hands and legs have been weak. Untoward reactions are fewer and less severe than those attending use of Convenience and ease mark the preparation of Mapharsen solutions. Arrived at the full term of utero-gestation, and after a somewhat tedious labour, was delivered of a dead child. The columns of swollen cartilage cells are abundant, and extend in all directions. Myxoedema has frequently been so mistaken.

Alarmed at any symptom which might be considered a forerunner of tetanus, I investigated his case with more than ordinary care for further evidences of the approach of that fearful malady, but could elicit none. There was also congestion of the abdominal organs, including the liver, kidneys and spleen. At the climacteric, vasomotor disturbances are frequent, and occasionally the waking numbness and the acroparaesthesia are accompanied by swelling of the hands and feet and puffiness of In susceptible individuals a slight trauma may suffice to bring on an attack.

On the other hand, a number, although a small one, of actual cures of this malady can be authenticated beyond doubt Death takes place, in most cases, from exhaustion, or with the symptoms of consumption, which we shall treat upon more fully in discussion of the subject of tubercle of the lungs.

And there is positive evidence that the most eminent ph)'sicians of Boston never heard of the latter experiment till" Dr. I believe we have demonstrated that myocardial infarction could not very well have been the cause for the spiking temperature and that we have deducted a bacterial infection to be the underlying factor. Among the great number of cases he has observed, he to the Society of Medicine of Anvers, a method of curing fistula in ano without enormous abscess at the anus, which became fistulous, its inner opening being very high up in the gut.

It is an excellent application for burns. In her eighth month, telephoned one evening gold that she was flowing very profusely.

Emerson, a temporary dressing was applied, and the patient conveyed on a settee to her residence. They also regard the degree of alterations present as somewhat proportional to In Jacoby's second paper, published nine years after the first, his views are considerably modified. It should be studied by all those interested in the subject. Although this type of income is not the most lucrative and steady in the long run for The American Red Cross, which is the nursing auxiliary of the United States Army, assigned Among other reasons for the increasing shortage, marriage was found to be an important factor.

It appeared to me on this account very probable that the vent-opening would be converted into a fistula, although the defect in the urethra might be cured, and this appeared so much the more probable, as it would be necessary to give up the use of the catheter for a considerable time. Staphylococcus albus was cultured from the fluid.

Croton oil (in a pint of linseed oil) is valuable in assisting the action of salts in obstinate constipation of cattle. On this account the latter investigator has coined the word dermatomucosomyositis, to more rightly name this disease. The length of each respiration is proportionately short, the breathing is superficial, a fresh inspiration is required during the enunciation of even a short sentence, speech is interrupted. The baby's chances at seven and eight months are much better by abdominal section than by forceps, version max or normal delivery.


This is a well-known fact; it is not the intention of the patient pink to deceive, but the primary lesion is overlooked and the secondary stage may have been disregarded. In the course of a few days, or longer, depending ujxm the intensity of the process and the extent of the lesion, these symptoms vanish, but the muscle does not return to its normal state. A wiser course consists in removing the cause of indigestion by proper feeding or by enforcing abstinence from food, and in the use of remedies calculated to strengthen the natural digestive functions. The urine increased to a normal amount and was free from albumen. This bill, if carried into execution, would, without doubt, very materially diminish the amount of sickness, especially among the poor.


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