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He shall become president of the Association at the next Annual Meeting following his election as president-elect. From the day when this treatment was begim, the cutaneous lesions ceased spreading and healed rajjidly. Further information can be obtained on application to the Secretary of the Dr.

To find out how the Budget Association Program This conference is an excellent opportunity for physicians, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, registered nurses and laymen to increase their knowledge of Post-Polio Syndrome, or the late effects of polio, a disorder diagnosed with increasing frequency. It may be necessary to maintain the breathing by artificial respiration. The patient is again on arsenic in increasing doses, and NEW YORK. Don't let anything stand in your way. The Committee will continue to review potential member services and welcomes input from These figures represent three-fourths of our potential membership. The observed effect on accuracy was greater than on speed; the evidence on this point does not seem conclusive, but it is of minor importance; in estimating results a factor combining speed and error was used. PICO Life Insurance Company of Ohio Mr. Place the centre of this over the part to be covered, carry the ends round the arm, cross them, and carry them back again; let them be crossed again and carried round once more to the opposite side, where they are tied. The period of engagement will be for one year or until no longer required, whichever shall first happen.

And besides ministering to the feeble appetite by a dainty morsel of one kind or another, the nurse may coax a patient to try what she has prepared, by the cleanness and neatness with such as have been stated are the duties of a sick-nurse, it will not after all be an easy task to fulfil them thoroughly. Tactile sensibility is obtunded from the eighth rib downward, but it is not lost, for he can feel whenever the touch is The operation was done by Dr. We do, however, require that all mammographic abnormality that could be pal pated at the time of the biopsy was excised and submitted to pathology without a biopsy radiograph being performed.

The transverse colon seemed to crop anteriorly over the middle of the tumor. In such patients the thyroid "chloroquine" gland is diseased or atrophied.

The facial nerve can be injured as it courses through the temporal bone. He was taken to the hospital, and fotmd to be completely paraplegic below the waist.


When the percolate begins to drop, insert a cork in the percolator, cover the top, the glycerine. The papers may be written in English. The most common, as well as the most important, tumors of the spinal cord, using the term in its generic sense, are tumors of the meninges, especially Those growing within the dura are neariy twice as common as those growing without. One uterine cancer, with involvement of vaginal vault and bladder, is still under care, but up to time of report maintained improvement but four days at a time, when all the untoward symptoms reappeared. These figures show and County, liirminghaui, Bristol, and Middlesex, plaoow which, under tho conditions of the scheme, it is not iuteudeil to attoiupt to serve until the needs of tho rural districts of tho country are met. In making appointments to positions in the medical service at the mental hospitals special consideration is to be given to those candidates who hold degrees in psychological medicine. In some instances the vaccine has failed completely, but such cases are fortunately rare. Some bursse, as that over the patella, that under the deltoid, those about the great trochanter, and many others, are constantly present; but new bursse, equally perfect in their structure, may form at any part exposed to abnormal pressure and friction, as over the outer malleolus of a tailor, under an old com, or over the head of the metacarpal bone of the great toe (bunion). Recently considerable discussion has taken jilace between the identity of the agglutinins and antibodies. Points in favor of the subphrenic affection are the following: History of an abdominal trouble; good vesicular respiration over the retracted lung, which is not of course crowded inwards towards the spine as in pneumothorax, but simply rides upon the diaphragm and hence remains in apposition with the outer wall everywhere above the horizontal line of the abscess; a greater displacement of the liver, when the affection is on the right side, and much less displacement of the heart than would occur in pneumothorax. These symptoms are of much shorter duration, however, in the meningeal form, and though the case under discussion showed a rapid subsidence of many of its symptoms, the evidence of descending degeneration of the right pyramidal tract and the persisting sensory picture, so closely akin to syringomyelia, together indicate an insult to the cordsubstance, which pressure from meningeal hemorrhage could not have produced. The other end of the pole was provided with a ferule. Fatal purulent meningitis may occur, as in cases recorded by Perrin and Voisin.


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