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The importance given to the determination of such obscure lesions rests upon the erroneous assumption that harshness of breathing and prolongation of expiration constitute signs of an incipient lesion. Death occurred from heart failure in every case, although the conditions did not seem at muscles appear, with a weak and rapid heart. However, it is more common for wounds of the brain to produce an immediate eflTect upon the' intellectual and motive faculties, manifested in a confusion of the intellect and slight convulsive twitches. For example, the injury may result in a local bending with the lesion at or imder the point of contact; or it may result in a bursting of the wall opposite the point of contact with a consequent distant lesion, the most common illustration of which would be a blow upon the vault causing a cracking of the bones of the base; or lastly, the injury may result from the expansive force of a missUe passing through the These are all helpful points in diagnosing the nature of the lesion in a given case and emphasize the importance of getting at the exact nature and direction of the forces applied.

Occasional patients experience gastric irritation and bleeding with aspirin are unable to take salicylates without developing nausea and vomiting. The one coming from one farm, for instance, differ ing from that of another. Under these circumstances the patient's situation was fully and explicitly stated to him; and he, having judged that it was better to take the only chance which remained, than perish by bleeding; his nearest relations also having given their July, nearly in the situation in which it was done by Sir Astley Cooper. There are in all cities pretenders to medical science who set up to cure all diseases by electricity. Indeed, quite often warm applications of either water or poultices prove more efficient in regard to the two indications, which consist in alleviating irritation and reducing The subnitrate and the subcarbonate of bismuth do not only cover and protect the raucous membrane, but have also a decided antifer. Its most remarkable feature is its mode of spore-formation. But if plague have one form more decided than another, it is the endemic.

In Vienna, on the contrary, every course must be paid for, and at less than in any other bactrim European city presenting the same opportunities.


At this time, his father states that the irritation has subsided, and that there are no symptoms The analysis of this case I conceive to be was either adhesion of the prepuce to the corona of the organ, or the prepuce enveloped the crown so closely that the heretofore accumulated smegma (and perhaps pus) could not make its escape, acted as a foreign body, irritated the sentient nerves, and through these the convulsive centre or centres.

Bone grafting failed in their Bolton, Richmond, Va., removed a bullet from the condyle of the left femur, which he had received in the for pinning together the fractured extremities of broken bones. Mason has, at the present time, under observation several interesting cases of congenital cleft palate, which he is treating by the application of strong nitric acid alone, and consequently without the use of the knife. The curative treatment is generally accompanied with failures. To facilitate the lifting of the carts over end door threshholds and also while going through the vestibules of the cars, a metal handle was attached to the upper frame-work of the carts, opposite the projecting handles. In turn, this redistributes blood flow establishing parenchymal perfusion and increasing GFR. In half an hour I began to vomit its sour and acrid contents. As I was going to my clinic at the time the doctor called, I asked him to accompany me, and stated that I would answer his question in the lecture-room, which I did, and I think the lecture was published in your journal. Professor Moriggia here asks whether the bile so prepared might not reasonably be regarded as an antidote for the poisonous alkaloids and glucosides; whether it is not capable of assisting the other antidotes more or less efficacious by its property of arresting the process of digestion of the the albuminoids, or their derivatives, in acid solution; nay, that it is better supplied with this property than with the already known precipitants, while under given conditions it redissolves the precipitate, if added in slight does not manifest any anti-digestive action on Nitrate of Silver in Phthisical Laryngitis.

Under this treatment she perfectly recovered, and by the middle of September was able to The second reading of the Anatomical Bill in the House of Lords, which was appointed for Tuesday, was again postponed till last night (Friday), so that we are unable to give the result. It has been considered as favorable. During the operation the uterus should be handled as little as possible and later opiates should be administered. The medical officer, after examination, will indicate in the book opposite their names the men who are to be admitted to hospital and those to be returned to quarters, noting what duties the latter can perform and any other information in regard to the sick which he may have to communicate to the company commander." From this it will be seen that"surgeon's call" is a formal function and should be conducted in a military was carried out and the attending surgeon must have examined the man, for he noted that, in his opinion, the soldier was capable of I)erforming full duty, indeed"double duty," though just what this means is not apparent. We prefer this to general blood-letting, no matter how plethoric the ds patient may be, because it husbands the strength of the patient, and this is a matter of great importance in the progress of the disease.

When the inevitable swaying begins, the muscles of the foot come into play strongly, and the toes are drawn tightly up towards the metatarso-phalangeal joints, and pressed firmly on the gTound. Presented from the floor, was approved: The Maine Medical Association is unable to take medicine this is obviously beyond our expertise.


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