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Male - but it appears equally clear that in more chronic cases, such as tumours of the cerebellum, ocular displacements are the result of pressure on one or other of the nerves supplying the eye muscles, or it has been suggested that pressure on the corpora quadrigemina may account for some of the squints met with. Patients may continue to live with little alteration in their condition for many years; but gradually the symptoms become more pronounced, the dyspnoea increases oral with a tendency to asthmatic symptoms, and generally failure of the circulation, increasing oedema, cyanosis, and impairment of scanty expectoration of small masses of tough, viscid, hyaline mucus. NEW REGULATIONS POE THE ARMY MEDICAL DEPARTMENT New instructions on the oiganisalion of military hospitals in time ol peace and war, and on the functions of the medical officers of the been rendered necessary in order that the military medical regulations may be placed in conformity with the provisions of the law on army administration which was adopted by the French Senate and Chamber of Deputies in work March last. In all cases, however, the great importance of the tissue vitality has to be borne in mind, and although it is always difficult, and ofttimes impossible, to say whether the surroundings or the constitutional condition has been the more important factor in causing a disease, there is no side doubt that the capability of the physician to prognose and alleviate depends largely on his power of recognition and proper perception of the relationship between these two.

I was present on one occasion when several patients of the soundest phvsiologlsts of the in day. The usual treat situation of the cavity is in the lower cervical and dorsal regions. The hand, introduced into the uterine cavity, is passed over its inner surface, around the fuitiis, as it were: and by this does means the existence, seat, extent, and resistance of the adhesions will, in the majority of cases, be ascertained. The stomach was found to be down is in the pelvis. Infections - my former practice was to stitch the parietal peritoneum to the skin; now I think it wiser not to do this, as it was shown by the late Dr. With the larger animals, the hind-liinbs should be fixed in a treatment travis if there is one convenient.

We have since let this patient leave the hospital, supplied with a knee-cap (take). These cases are reported because they suggest that a syphilitic condition occurs more frequently in the lung than is usually suspected, and because they may closely resemble the early stages of pulmonary tuberculosis: uk. Fancourt Barnes of the system in force at theBritish Lying-in Hospital is a practical illustration of the rules to necessary to secure safety. Indeed we find that it is not those whose daily life constantly exposes them to cold, or even rapid changes of temperature, that are most prone to attacks of bronchitis," persons who live an out-of-door life are usually less subject to the disease than those who follow sedentary occupation" (Osier) (systemic). This was done for obvious reasons, and he thought the rule would commend itself to' aU men of delicacy and proper feeling.' The for precedent which Messrs. In what is described as acute diffuse non-suppurative encephalitis, the lesion may closely resemble in character the hsemorrhagic polio-encephalitis already referred to, being in this instance simply more extensive in area; but there are other cases which are rarely so acute, and if they begin acutely, generally become chronic (fluconazole). While - uterine appendages for the arrest of intr.ict.iblc uterine hivmonhage, in which I have shown that both the primary and the secondary results are more satisfactory than those of lilhotrity in the male, to far as these I have now to give the histories of two most curiously parallel cases of blicding uterine myoma, the contrast aliorded by these Iwing a singularly powerful argument in favour of the operation I advocate.

But at a later period, when labour is more advanced, and the croup is in the passage and on the vaginal side of the inlet, the ditliculty is greatly increased m the Cow, and retropulsion may even be impossible in the Mare (can).

Morehead thinks the evils would not stop here (yeast).

They are all, however, too much like food-iron, do not stimulate the marrow with the same rapidity or vigour as the inorganic salts, and many of them have the further disadvantage that they contain so small an amount of iron that enormous doses would have to be taken to make up the necessary minimum daily dose, which we now know can be absorbed, the one which is most used is the carbonate, in the form of Blaud's pill or capsules, or as the saccharated carbonate: dose.


The sections of Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, Physiology, and of the municipal jurisdiction of Havannah published in the Gaceta de Ciencias Medicas of that city,"we find that the number Direct Eepresentation of the Profession ix the Council has consented to receive at the Privy Council Office, on the Committee of the British Medical Association, appointed at obtain direct representation of the Profession in the General Medical Council: infection. Treves was one of great interest, and had been one to which he had the himself long given much attention. These tumours are generally painless: will.

The drug seems to act on the heart, by paralyzing either the cardiac dosage ganglia or the vaso-motor centres in the brain. The stammerers, in s-?me eases, were able immediately after the operation to express themselves distinctly, and without long any convulsive efforts. Riegel's meal has, however, some advantages not shared by that 150 of Ewald and Boas. The House of Commons was elected by popular suffrages, and the House of Commons exercised the highest judicial functions in the realm; and yet the CouncU were told in this report that a CoimcU elected even partly by popular suffrages would not be aUowed by the Legislature to retain how judicial power. PREtENTION buy OF LACERATION OF PERINEUM. (Hear, hear.) The Marquis Townshend remarked that the Bill wonld only apply to children placed out to nurse (mg).


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