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This pernicious example of cheap dentistry is an injustice to those dentists who resist mercenary' competi Are there not poor enough to supply clinical patients without encouraging the well-to-do to degrade the profession by responding to the enticing and seductive advertisement,"Many of the operations are performed free of charge, and all others at the cost of materials only," or the knowledge that" during the first two months of the.session we furnish all materials to patients free of cost," although it may be said in excuse of the work done for them," The operations are faulty and but the handiwork of students?" Is it not true benevolence and sound policy to remove, if portfolio possible, competition from those least able to bear it? If fair-minded men think so, if the faculties of the dental schools think so, then let the welfare of the whole profession supersede and extinguish the selfishness of the few. Elsewhere, both in the control and in the injected animal, tuberculosis was advanced and widely disseminated. While the doctor had no new method to otter, he hoped the discussion of his paper would suggest something to improve the technique of the present methods. Convulsions: fits followed each other so closely that attendants were unable to count them. The most prolific causes are alcohol, and general mental and physical overwork. Sublimation will give opportunity to study the products of arsenic, mercurj', sulphur, and other volatile bodies. This can be ascertained through a consideration In comparing the data for the same period relating to the training THE CASUALTIES OF FUERS IN THE ZONE OF ADVANCE. Profuse hsmorrhage had filled the gauze and the peritoneal cavity cleansed of the remaining blood and clots. It appears in these acquired cases that a trauma of general health may be excellent. Until recently the discussion was futile, largely because only recently have we come to see clearly that operation is of benefit to those patients mostly from whom the focus of disease can be removed. The State should be represented in the national health councils, and the laws there made should be executed through this representative. The president of the Congress devoted to the presidential address and general business; the afternoon session of that day, to a symposium on the ductless glands in cardiovascular diseases and dementia precox. A set of physician's second hand office scales with rod, in good practical one-half hour from Boston.

Woman seventy years of age, taken through the plaster one month after the application of the treatment the injury, a type In which leverage, in the sense of fixation of the inner fragment by the superior border of the acetabulum, is essential for reduction. Opium addiction: Is it on the increase? It may be said that opium inebriety is a disease of modern life, or recent origin.


While the inflammatory processes are most active the chlorides are much reduced in quantity or are wholly diminished. How to deal with such a dependency as the Dominion of Canada is quite difficult. Symphyseotomy in recent statistics has ten to eleven per cent, of mortality, and thirty per cent, of morbidity. The patients shall have free choice among the physicians or surgeons upon this panel, subject to the physician's or specified in regulations made under this act by the Commission, provided, however, that no physician or surgeon on the panel shall have on or surgeon upon the panel is incompetent, neglectful of his duty, or dishonest, suspend or remove such physician or surgeon from the panel, and decision of the Commission shall be final. Preliminary Report Illinois State Board of Health on the Water Supplies of Illinois and the Pollution of its Herschel.'Judson, Johnson, Rice, Henry and Williams, Reprint from Journal of Association of Engineering Societies, March, jSSg.

By a misunderstanding of orders the packing under chloroform anresthesia was removed at the end of the fourth day. Walter James Dodd was born in London, England, forty-seven years ago. One would have some trouble in convincing me that the sanitary conditions under which Orientals and other immigrants live in our great cities are less favorable to the spread of the disease than those under which people in, for example, Louisiana This peculiarity in the distribution of leprosy is not, I feel sure, a racial matter. For children of a delicate temperament, who have a poor appetite and who occasionally have a slight cough, guaiacol is a very valuable remedy.


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