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First, if the Mayo type of end-to-side anastomosis is used, the closed end of the colon is sutured and fi.xed in the incision. This committee is now regarded as a valuable advisory board by members of the Senate and Assembly, and measures are frequently submitted for their approval or condemnation. The Goodsell-Bedell bill, which prevents the establishment of any hospital for pulmonary tuberculosis in any community unless the Board of Supervisors of the county and the town board of the town give their consent.

The program gives a large place to papers on yellow fever, the plague, cholera, and malaria Each South American republic will report on the sanitary conditions in its territorv. There are certain skin conditions which erythema multiforme and herpes zoster, which has been mentioned.

Indeed, if the infant could talk, or if, to apply an expression used by one of our famous car toonists, we were to ask ourselves,"I wonder what a baby is thinking about," we would find it saying or thinking,"I wish my mother would feed me on what Nature intended I should have." But infants cannot talk and therefore it remains for others to file a brief in their behalf and to leave no stone unturned in teaching and urging every mother to breast is essentially and physiologically a premature child. The quartermaster general's department with necessary utensils and hospital furniture, according to a future by continental druggists, with medicines, instruments and old linen for bandages, and necessary dressings. There is not a single feature by which they can be distinguished one from another, except their names.

The blood supply to the soft tissues in the region of the knee is very copious, and by this operation none of it is interfered with.

It is not definitely known in what form frlueose circulates in the organism; whether it is in free solution, or in solution in some peculiar loose combination.

Since we do not always find ill-developed children when the mother has had excessive vomiting, he concludes that the nutrition of the fetus is not affected liy that of the mother in respect to the ossification of the bones.

Is it possible that all of the text books are wrong in describing chronic appendicitis? Are the experience of such internists as Aaron, EInhorn, Friedenwald, Rehfus, Smithies and the world famed Osier worth nothing? Shall we discard the reports of our best roentgenologists and count as fallacies the experiences At the twenty-sixth annual meeting of the appendicitis as a cause of acidosis in children, diagnosed as chronic appendicitis, operated cases of chronic api)endicitis with operation: Believing that chronic appendicitis is a cause of indigestion has led me to write this paper. There is today much agitation for what many in your profession regard as a paternalistic system of public health.

The united Society will be just as competent on a majority vote to alter its Constitution or By-Laws, as either of the contracting corporations to alter or amend its own rules before union. I just want to show you how our routine sensitization test works. Richmond, of Fredonia, read a paper,"Vaccination and scientific program was opened with a Symposium on the Roentgen Ray.

It must be remembered, however, that the advantage of nasal respiration does not follow from the passage of the air through the nasal chambers per se, but from the exercise of a special function in these cavities while the air is passing.

The up to date physician will do most of his own work, and will only refer exceptional or Aery serious cases to specialists or hospitals. Looking over the clinical charts accompanying these cases, the rise and fall of temperature had the remittent type, and improvement, if any, was slow. It seems that this socialistic scheme of compulsory governmental sickness insurance may become a perennial legislative weed, a stinkweed to cumber indefinitely the soil of the legislative garden A word of commendation and thanks is due the Fund, for the apparent satisfactory completion of a The West Virginia Medical odt Journal The very fact that the committee and compensation officials are in full agreement, and that the new schedule has been approved by the Council, is proof enough that a very fine spirit of cooperation exists between medicine and those charged with the administration of the P'und. In the second place, it should be remembered that cancer was engrafted upon points of ulceration, chronic irritation or developed in regions where abnormal epithelial tissue already existed.


Following this, he endeavors to ascertain the value of every form of treatment, giving due credit to each one.

Gth) records a very severe case of acute tetanus treated successfully in the Massachusetts General Hospital by The hypodermic injection of the State board serum centimetres of Gibier's serum wore infused into the median basilic vein without disturbance.


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