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The generations of workers, that wrought at the excavation of the little dingle below the Arts building, builded or excavated better or worse than they knew, for they could never have foreseen that they were creating a literal stage whereon the characters from Professor Moyse's lectures might make their entrance. In one of my medical friends it occurred in a rib, from coughing (120).

Severe general chondritis, after resisting every kind of medication, has been known to improve to a surprising extent.

The condition in which we get the most signal effects from the douche is that of uterine inertia after the placental delivery, and in this condition which may reduce the terrors of post-partum hemorrhage, and make its fatal termination an almost impossible event if applied at any time while power of reaction is not entirely exhausted. Henry Morris records a case in which a calculus had grown quietly to such a size as to be felt by palpating; the abdomen without giving rise to any special symptoms. All these yet we must ever be mindful that laboratory methods are not all of clinical diagnosis. Like the mathematician, the philosopher deals directly with a realm of ideal truth.

The report of the Montreal General Hospital for the month of The regular quarterly meeting of the Board of Governors of the The medical superintendent's report showed that during the quarter occurred within three days of admission, making the mortality rate for The new Notre Dame Hospital, on Sherbrooke street, between Champlain and Maisonneuve streets, in front of Lafontaine Park, is to be an imposing structure, four storeys high, built in the shape of a cross, with the main entrance on Sherbrooke street.

In persons affected in this manner, dipsomaniacs, there is a veritable disease marked by an insatiable desire for alcohol, by the ordinary physical symptoms which attend over-indulgence, by the development of the most depraved animal tastes, and by such extreme derangement of moral faculty that falsehood becomes one of the most striking of the phenomena by which the disease is characterized. Bulging of the chin just to the left of the middle line, extending along the bone for about an inch. There are certain subjects which are not a legit in subject of conversation between decent and civilized men, wl' might be freely considered by a monkey and a dog, and we affirm that a like degree of reticence should be observed in writing. He has refused to follow instructions, has not kept office appointments, so that a follow up on his hlood studies, liver functions, The syndrome which now bears his name and hemolytic anemia is associated invariably This fairly well describes our patient with the exception that hemolysis could not be definitely proved since an attempted reticulocyte count was never reported: nizagra. Rectal feeding The morning following the operation the patient was given an enema and had a large fecal movement. In other cases the process is limited to the bodies and intervertebral discs of two adjacent vertebrae, the periosteum being but little affected. The mother never had a bad symptom, and both she and the child have been doing well since. In certain instances the paralysis is at first temporary in its character, and is rather of the hysterical than of the true kind, so that recovery takes place. Owing to the stubborn opposition of a section of the profession in this province, the Medical Act of Canada, providing for the establishment of a Dominion Medical Council, was, as you are aware, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories, have passed the necessary concurrent j legislation, and I have assurances that New Brunswick will follow within the next week or two.

Visited the child next day in company with Dr.Dafoe, of Madoc, the patient then being thirty eight hours old; active and healthy; nurses well; urine normal, and child to all appearance in perfect health; no bulging in anal region.. Montgomery of Chicago said there was no doubt that the result of x-ray treatment was brilliant in some cases of deep-seated acne, where the follicles are being rapidly destroyed, and in which the usual methods of treatment have been unavailing. There are three kinds of the Entozoa, or worms, which affect The Xematode or round worms include the Tricliina spiralis; the Ascaris lumbricoides or common round intestinal worm; the Oxjui'is vermiciilaris or thread worm; the Dracimciilus medinensis or Guinea worm; and the Filaria sauguinus hominis.

Possibly these exert a far greater influence than might be supposed. I directed him to be kept as quiet as possible, so that until there is definite healing there shall be nothing to favor a secondary hemorrhage.

The board ordered the secretary to comply with the request, if the village authorities pay the expenses of the trip, as the small appropriation made by the Legislature to the board is exhausted. Sometimes the operation was followed by a marked rise of temperature, and this was generally of bad prognostic significance, although sometimes a rise of three degrees immediately after operation gave way to a subsequent favorable temperature curve and improvement in the times); permanganate of potash, peroxide of hydrogen, and sterilized water were also used. Then grave septic symptoms arc added: fever, dusky skin, rigors, and even delirium.

These conditions constitute a reassuring element to countries threatened with plague. The number of graduates was an even hundred, nearly double what it was ten years ago, and no preceding class has received so much instruction or passed through a severer ordeal of examination.


The blood was imbedded in paraffin kept Celli and Sanfelice succeeded in finding in the blood of frogs and tortoises both intra-corpuscular and free parasites, that differed in different kinds of animals.


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