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Of all these the most dangerous probably is formalin, which, combining chemically with the proteids of the milk, rendering them insoluble and indigestible in the stomach, may prove injurious to health, even when used in small proportions. Recently I have used prepared peptones given in connection with the milk diet, not continuously, but occasionally and for several days at a time. All authorities, however, following Olshausen, describe these states as constituting definite varieties; and many attempt a more minute classification: but to give distinctive names to every little variation, such as is produced by a slight additional extravasation of blood, seems more likely to confuse than to advance pathology.

Absolute rest in bed is imperative from the beginning in every case, no matter how mild it may be. The needle is then passed posteriorly through the peritoneum, which has formed part of the floor of Douglas' space, and finally through the posterior vaginal wall. Movements, then, which seemingly are controlled by one group of muscles often require the simultaneous action of a large nimiber of muscles lying at a distance from those which are directly employed.

The eminence in engineering circles of Sir Douglas Galton would alone determine its merit.

On the Ipecac, value of, in diarrhoea from Olfaction. To experimental therapeutics might well be applied the ancient saying:" The sinews of wisdom are slowness of belief and distrust." The author is not far out of the way when he states that growing experience tends to undermine the simple faith with which the young practitioner emerges from his student days; and unfortunately for the mental peace, the wider experience becomes, the more do certainties give place to probabilities. In chronic oephril the symptom of discharges of drops of blood is present, Canth. Spleen completely In order to determine whether a single large injection of methylene blue given very soon after the infection of the animal would prevent the development of tuberculosis, four guinea-pigs were methylene blue, two receiving it by subcutaneous injection at site of infection, and the other two intraperitoneally. The characteristic dull pain of which I have spoken is often wanting. The man had fallen into a pan of boiling brine and the bums arc thus described: Both arms were which hung in shreds about the wrists' having been scraped down in his efforts to get out of the pan. And a most beautiful macular syphilid! toms yielded very promptly to mercury and chalk given every two hours. The uterus is subject to changes in the direction of the fundus, which may be displaced backwards, forwards, or to one or the other side. Huchard has also used caffeine subcutaneously, in some cases associating it with digitalis; but his experience of this mode of using the drug is too limited to permit him to advance any conclusion in the matter.


The same movement is then performed against slight resistance offered by the patient, the resistance being gradually increased. This fact must be borne in mind in interpreting some of the results of concentration. Superficial and deep reflexes were normal. The reviews Coming Grasses for the West. The speakers who followed Herr Lingens, however, including representatives of the Freisinnige party like Herren Schroder, Goldschmidt, Baumbach, and Langerhans, besides the National Liberal Herr Endemann and the Socialist Herr Frohme t argued strongly in favor of cremation, especially during the prevalence of epidemic diseases.

Still, the close proximity of Delos, the centre of the pagan religion, gives support to its claims to sanctity, for it seems as if some transference of sacred associations had been effected. 100 - these are the Holstein-Friesian and Dutch Belted, which are somewhat closely allied; the Jersey, the Guernsey and the Ayrshire.


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