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Many astringent substances have been highly praised; experience, however, has not confirmed their beneficial effects, but has shown rather that they freQuently do harm by disturbing digestion. Churchill These arc made to contain each This is said to l)e prepared by adding The manufacturers claim that it con tains all the valuable medicinal properties of opium in natural combination, This is described as a granulated dry This is stated to be composed of menthol, thymol, boracic acid, pyroligneous acid, carbolic acid, and eucalyptol,"combined in a plastic base of purified and Same as Haarlem Oil, which see.

For the men" change of air" camps were formed, also by the sea, and they were sent down in regular rotation from Palestine and Sinai for a few weeks in the summer in" quiet" times. The heart action was good, there was no diarrhoea, nausea, or colic as there had been before elimination had been carried out.


The patient got on remarkably well until the menstrual period arrived, when the same state of things occurred over again; but under the muriate of ammonia and aconite much was done to arrest the disease. These effects will be found to vary with the voltage and amperage as well as the direction and density of the current. It occurs only in the most chronic forms of Bright's disease, usually when the kidneys are contracted, red, and granular, i.e.," AVidely different from this is the kind of dropsy which, although perhaps not absolutely more frequent, has been always justly associated with Bright's disease as its characteristic symptom. It is insisted upon by Radford, Bamsbotham, and Simpson. This position of the head also tends to keep the pharynx from becoming obstructed by preventing tongue and soft palate from fall ing- backward and thus obstructing the respiratory chaiuiel.' For several years I have not used a tongue forceps, as a piece of gauze or a thin towel in the fingers will permit of the tongue being" grasped and firmly held without injury, if this becomes necessary. Primary disease of the abomasum also affects the rumen, The strong development and the superficial cornification of the epithelial covering of the rumen, taken in connection with the absence of glands, explain satisfactorily why we here see much more fre(iuently purely functional disturbances as to moving, mixing, softening and fermentation of the ingested food, than in diseases with morbid changes of tissues; these peculiarities must be considered in the classification of We will in the following chapters attempt a classification of gastric diseases in ruminants, based upon various existing conditions, and upon the requirements of the practitioner. On another occasion, one fell into a signal station on W Beach, killed six officers and men, and severely wounded thirteen. More recently this saline had been given in rare instances in the cellular tissue by hypodermoclysis or more frequently in the rectum. Sour stomach, an habituallv coated tongue, a bad taste in the mouth, and belching, had been rather constantly observable symptoms.

It is necessary to remark, however, that he never dreamt or performing an operation of anv gravitv upon a subject affected with advanced phthisis.

In mitral stenosis the blood-pressure is low on account of small amount of blood passing from the auricle to the ventricle. Dissolve the soap in the mixed gb'ce rin, water and alcohol, add the oils and Prepare in the usual manner. He distinguished the American, the European, the Asiatic, and the African. Anaemia treated by oxygen inhalations Anaesthesia (palatal and laryngeal) in disseminated sclerosis Andre wes, F. My anticipations, however, were not to be realized. In one of the author's own cases this disease followed after streptococcus mastitis in a mare, and in a case of Wyssmann, in a cow, it was preceded by Nasal croup is seen as a secondary affection in the course of some infectious disease (rinderpest, malignant catarrhal fever, Symptoms. When using an intensifying screen the rays are allowed to pass through the glass to the emulsion, consequently the picture will be reversed. Curiously enough, in connection with this mg question of site of operation, a very instructive case occurred quite recently, during theatre for a slight operation on her right ankle, where a sinus had existed for some time. (Mixture of Five lodids.) Each fluidram is stated to contain This is stated to be a nutritious and stimulating glyconin emulsion of beechwood creosote and"etherized cod liver This is stated to contain in each teaspoonful This is a potash soap containing an excess of fatty acids and glycerin. Perspiration and hemorrhage also tend to diminish the temperature, and the same effect acute and febrile diseases, but still the height of the thermometer in a case of may be very high in a favorable case, and much lower than that point in a fatal one.


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