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George's Hospital; Teacher of the Use, of Anaesthetics, in University College Hospital; Anaesthetist to the Hospital for Paralysis and Epilepsy, Queen's square, and to the London Dental Department, St. Their deficiencies are manifest in defective self-control and in immoral and criminal conduct. I have seldom cured a severe case under many months.

It was rare, however, that he had to give a second dose. Barton then dilated the urethra by means of Weiss' dilator, by two operations, with an interval of fourteen days; after which the urethra was so expanded as to admit the index-finger freely into the bladder.

Liclnt'c till' iinitlii'in pait- nf.Austiaiia, It is a nindfiatf-sizt'd tiri', with crnnkrd siciii, iii'ci.nilai- liramlics. In the second specimen there is a transverse fracture about three-quarters of an inch above the articular surface of the bone. The Peruvian bark was now given online with safety and success.

One recognizes at once that these are familiar remedies, but we believe the authors of this book have proven their contention when they tell us that by their method of administration these drugs are foimd to be more efficacious than formerly was thought. At the junction of the two innominate veins a mass of growth projected into their lumen, but the intima remained intact.

First a scarlatiform erythema appeared which spread with great rapidity over the wliole botiy.


Still more convincing evidence that the blood-changes are independent of the temperatare is afforded by Charts III and IV. Should the improvement which has been shown by these cases prove to be con.stant or pei-manent the next.step, of course, is to prepare an individual vaccine for each patient and to regulate the For the first few weeks these patients were told not to use the ordinary nasal wash which the)' had other treatment has been used with the injections. , i,, impo ible bo piece together an i ipeaohabli fl n of Goldsmith's lasl The PEESIDENT (Dr. Nevertheless it is not very common, even in children.

However, it is not recognized as an oflRcial single test in Pennsylvania, chiefly for the reason that it is a comparatively new test, in comparison with the length of time the subcutaneous has been used. The new Secretary's career has been such as to fit him in a special way for the high position to which he has been called. To maintain and continue the At the annual meeting of the corporation of the Convalescent Home of the Children's Hospital of Boston, held in this city last week, the secretary's report showed that during the past year were recorded in the city of Boston, both numbers being larger than in any previous year. I think it should prove of some interest to shortly describe those four cases where gasserectomy had gasserectomy.

This stock susj)ension was then standardized and termed"Bacterin A" and was administered to nonpregnant For pregnant mares a lot of"Bacterin A" would be diluted with an equal part of phenolized saline solution and termed The weaker bacterin was administered to pregnant mares because it was feared that heavy injections might produce reactions sufficiently great to induce abortion. When the growth is well established in this fluid media it may be transplanted onto media made solid this small colonies become evident to the naked eye. It was unquestionably a case of hysteria. There is not space to multiply cases, which might be done to any extent.


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