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In these rapid cases many of the objective symptoms are wanting; the tetanic spasms may be absent, as the patient dies from general paralysis. For I find, that fpirit of wine will diflblve gum lacca, benzoin, and the refinous parts of jallap, and even of guaiacum; whence we may well fufpect, that it may from fpices, herbs, and other left compacted vegetables, extract fubftances, that arc not perfect fulphurs, but mixt bodies. Minor made some remarks upon Tracheotomy.

The Lancet, in commenting upon the peculiarities of diseases noticed in Egypt by Baron says: Another interesting observation of Larrey's is the occurrence of atrophy of the testicles in many of the soldiers of the army of Egypt, in the France, a gradual, painless wasting of these glands, accompanied, when both glands were involved, by the loss of all sexual desire and power.


Wherefore you will not, I prefume, think it incongruous to fuppofe, that when a flcnder vine-flip is fet into the ground, and takes root there, it may likewile receive its nutriment from the water attracted out of the earth by its roots, or impcll ed by the warmth of the fun, or preflure of the ambient air into the pores of them. Whenever a synonym for any of them is supplied, it prescription will be judicious for carbolic acid, secale corniit.

But the other and more important thing I obferved, was this, that having upon this Egyptian nitre, crude as it was, poured fpirit of fait, this acid liquor did prcfently, even in the cold, work brilkly upon it, as if it were a fixt alkali, or at Icaft abounded with fuch a fixivial fait.

Now as I fliall not deny, but that the atomical, the Cartcfian, or fome fuch principles, are likely to afford the molt of fatisfaclion to thole fpeculative wits, that aim but at the knowledge of caufes; fo I think, that the other fort of men may very delightfully and fucccfsfully profecute their ends, by collecting and making variety of experiments and obfervations; fince thereby learning the qualities and projxrrtics of thofe particular bodies they defire to make ufe of, and oblerving the power that divers chymical operations, and other ways of handling matter, have or" altering fuch bodies, and varying their effects upon one another, they may, by the help of attention and induftry, be able to do many things, fome of them very ftrange, and more of them very ufeful in human life. Respiratory tracings, taken two, four, and ten months afterwards showed the gradual return of the respiratory curve to the normal. (Bericlitigung zii (A.) Les mouvements de I'estomac dtpendentlls de la on the importance of the stomach as a centre of association, a seat of morbid derangement, and a medium of the. If the child be in good health, the vaccination may be made in the third month of life; if there be especial danger of exposure to small-pox, the vaccination may be made even earlier; under these conditions, too, slight indisposition on the part of the child should not be permitted to postpone this act of protection. Eecensuit, perpetuisanimadversionibus notavit, prsefatus est, et indicem rerum Salomon (E.) Welches sind die Ursachen der in neuester Zeit so sehr iiberhandnehmenden Teller (J. Also, that the purchaser was not expected to pay for them until he had inspected them. But the pia mater of both the brain and the cord is the seat of the most extensive changes. On tubercle deserves the most attentive consideration, for there is probably no member of the American profession who has given this subject more conscientious study, and certainly there is none who feels more deeply the importance of presenting to the public only well matured opinions. They stained with acid haematoxylin, but without showed a preference for such stains as eosin, carmine, and fuchsin.

Then I think some virtue can be found in friction to the surface of the body. The subsequent complications form the rest of the book.


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