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At the same time, many animals develop diseases of the bones and joints without the aid of exciting causes, which leads us to conclude that in them there is at this period of life a predisposition to disease. Physicians prescription blanks furnished on application, showing the various forms of Hydro, Mechano and Electrotherapy treatments given by graduate attendants under the personal supervision of a regular physician. After referring to the importance of the subject, and the importance of medical men being thoroughly acquainted with all the adulterations of drugs, he briefly reviewed the work recently done in the investigation of the action of certain drugs, exalgine, ural, thyol, ichthyol, thyol-resorcin, and chloralamin. A porter on his way to the temple fell when ten furlongs from it: misoprostol. In support of this belief I wish to recount the chief etiologic and symptomatic features as observed in twelve of these cases, with special reference to their mental aspect, since all of them were so far advancd in the disease as to necessitate their commitment to a hospital for The theory generally, if not universally, accepted is that pellagra is in some way associated with the ingestion of Indian corn which is diseased, harvested immature, or in some way damaged and consequently containing a toxic substance, the exact nature of which has never as yet been very clearly defined. The position of the head was constrained, and there was a moderate swelling on the left side of the neck.

The latter is, however, also observed in other diseases, and is perhaps as frequent in acute pneumonic phthisis as it is in acute miliary tuberculosis. In fact, a rundown condition, debility, indigestion, general catarrhal condition of the intestinal tract and like troubles are specified The beginning of the psychic disturbance was usually marked by a period of anxiety and worry, undue importance was attached to trivial affairs and misfortunes were apprehended. One of my agents says he has frequently heard the woman relate the foregoing case, but never without shedding tears. It should be an inspiration to us in our Avork this week when we think of this good old man who labored, wept and died, unhonored and unsung, here in this place, hallowed by his memory; who was ever ready to minister to the wants of those who needed his assistance, and who struggled to lay the foundations of that body, whose delegates to this great Convention to-day are met to devise ways and means of carrying our work onward and upward to perfection.


It often amounts to a gross want of magnanimity. Gluttony, especially as to albuminoids, is much more causative of the disease than excessive alcoholic drinking, which, however, is to be avoided, and which stands in causative relation to chronic intestinal nephritis. He will deal only with the heads of the departments, holding each one responsible for the work under their respective divisions.

Whenever you have to deal with watchfulness in patients labouring under morbid states of the constitution, as for instance, hectic, inquire when the tendency to sleep usually occurs, and administer your narcotic about an hour or two before its occurrence. A moderate perseverance for a couple or three days, with these means, I have invariably found sufficient The daily administration of a mild laxative is highly necessary and judicious, throughout the course of the disease, in order to excite the functions of the excreting organs, and to evacuate such morbid secretions as may have collected. The use of food is to supply the waste of the body; that of drink to carry the food through the body; (iv.) Sleep changes the body by cooling it without and warming it within; waking does the reverse (tablets). Mcg - this class of myopia can usually be traced either to use of the eyes in excess or under unfavorable conditions, or to the wearing of improper glasses. We step to-night into a present full of promise.

The experience in Breslau demonstrates that medical inspection and certificates do not diminish the amount of venereal disease. As found in abscesses, or when seen imbedded in the tissues, actinomyces present such characteristic appearances, microscopically, as are not to be easily mistaken. Wathen, of Louisville, Ky., said that electricity, the only foeticidal means now recognized as orthodox by physicians who practise destroying the life of the foetus in ectopic pregnancy without laparotomy, is no longer used for this purpose where the pregnancy has continued beyond three and a half or four months, and is seldom used after the third month. Some subscriptions are dropped every year, so that the raise in price apparently made no difference. By Association, American Society of Tropical Medicine. That in the natural or normal order of things, we find the uterus in form and structure, of the function, menstruation, far in excess of any legitimate demand, to the extent that, with a one-fourth inch diameter of canal at the sphincters, the excess equals as essential for mechanical obstruction, we find that the conservation of force is capable and does so regulate conditions that the capacity is not abolished, but persists in an eminent degree, so that in the presence of the nor mal physiological energy, the function is accomphshed, save in only one emergency, that of total annihilation of resident and produced within the tissues, and are dependent upon disturbed rhythm of physiological forces, evolved through abnormal enervation, muscular action, for the passage of blood-clots, membranes, mucous plugs, made, is not only vicious in the extreme, but irrational, demonstrable fact, save in" atresia uteri." Professor Flint's Doctrine of the Self-limitation of some time before his death Professor Flint promulgated the doctrine of self-limitation of phthisis, and presented it with all of his well known power and great ability to the profession. He concludes the paper thus:" Are all of these cases mere coincidences? Urethral strictures are so common, and diseases of the nervous centres so frequent after middle life, and the interval of years between the formation of the stricture and the appearance of nervous troubles so great that it is difficult to say that one is dependent upon the other. Take half a wineglass full two or three times a day. NpHE following case, which occurred during my term of service at the peculiar and interesting features, to warrant its being placed on record. The cyanide of gold, which it is said to contain, may be presumed to be added more to preserve the lymph than for its specific effect. (An illustrated record of the Wysard, a.; The Intellectual and Moral Problem of Goethe's Fanst, Parts Lenormant's Beginnings of History is one of the most interesting and startling books. Up to the present time, there is no building owned, or controlled by the medical men of Toronto. By Physiology is meant that science wdiich treats of the conditions, phenomena, and laws of life whilst the animal body is in a state of health.

Appendicitis six months ago and no operation. The work is got up in the very best style of the well known publishers. But these are only minor criticisms. The doctor traveled in the steamship Olympic, which he says is the height of luxury. Holmes was called in, who administered an anaesthetic of equal parts chloroform and ether.

It is smooth and uniformly tense and often has a semi-elastic feel, but may become so tense and hard as to present to the sense of touch a strong resemblance to a solid body.


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