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The patient was exceedingly sensitive to climatic changes, and certainly was unfit for the vicissitudes of a month's waggon journey, but that he survived this and lived so many months is a striking evidence of the salubrity of the climate, and shows that the open-air life, with a fur-lined bed to retire to from sun and wind, is less trying than might be supposed. Public Health Service has instituted a series of comparative tests in wh'ch various state laboratories are collaborating. It may be positive or negative, plus or minus. DIPPING SOLUTION, ITS PREPARATION AND USE.

Kew Orleans the fleet Ijing there, but none on land, I can bear witness to the care taken by General Banks and Surgeon R. If we gain active public support, and unite the efforts of health officers with those of the medical profession, surely syphilis will be V. It has a favourable action on the appetite and digestion in phthisis.

And other anxiety disorders developing during this period, and increased postpartum risk appears likely. The original chancroid in every case was converted at once into a healthy, rapidly granulating ulcer, almost entirely free from discharge. A member of the visiting staff of a great hospital was displaced ignominiously and without warning, without an official charge being made against him, or an official opportunity being offered him for replying to possible charges. They were strangers in the city, having for recently come from Chicago, and wanted'counsel. In the case of a young man aff'ected with severe unilateral temporo-maxillary ankylosis he performed cuneiform osteotomy in the median part of the ascending brancli, and interposed between the osseous surface a muscular layer, one and one-half centimetres wide, from the masseter, obtained by cutting from below upward, suturing it to tlie internal pterygoid. This law requires children in day care facilities to keep their shots up-to-date. Two months later there was no evidence of recurrence, and a drawing sensation in the epigastrium, which had caused a slight Richardson thus sums up the problem which a patient with such malignant disease has to consider: vary between discomfort and unendurable pain.) -death is in many instances preferable. First, the philippines organs of lungs, and kidneys. At the anterior margin of the flap tlie ribs and intercostal muscles are severed, while at tlie posterior margin only the ribs are divided to a limited extent.

Kirmisson and Charpentier regard it as preferable to measure the angle formed by the axis of the neck itself with the axis of the body. If such business is conducted as a firm or as a corporation in which more than one person is engaged, each person so engaged shall pay the license as above stated.

These are illustrated by well selected photographs showing the various types of endocrine disturbance. I am honored to be the current president of this prestigious organization, which is made up of presidents, presidents-elect, and past presidents of state medical organizations, At the AMA Interim Meeting, OSMAP has its annual banquet, which follows an always stimulating afternoon of discussion of the problems and achievements of the various state associations.


Recognizing a f96 malarial cause or complication I gave her quinin. Carstens has given a beautiful description of sale a case of tubal abortion. It should be used only for milk purposes and in no case for storage, especially of clothing, horse blankets, harness, or anything of such nature. It is impossible to guard against unwholesome butter simply by an inspection of the finished product.


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