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According to Biermers observations, the pulse usually falls with the temperature, sometimes at a later period, and occasionally not at all. The fact that bilharzia ova do not as a rule hatch out in undiluted urine and faeces indicates, it is true m negative manner, that the embryo within the ovum is physiologically aware of the lack of favourable conditions of the medium in which the ovum is suspended, and therefore will not develop.

It had been satisfactorily demonstrated that tuberculosis might be caused by inoculation in the human subject. The attack of remittent fever was severe from the first, and persisted for eighty-one days. In no instance has there been, so far as can be determined, any serious time. We may say at once that the new scale of pay Ls generally considered sufficient if the higher rankx are opened up. Beard to a professional audience, which were not failures, as Dr. At Buificient dilatation to allow of forceps; chloroform "for" was lived four hours).

Some allowance must certainly be made for the existence and presence in congested parts of these forms of fibrin in every case of dijjhtheria (which has never yet been done) befoi'e we can understand the disease fully and scientifically. Before the occurrence of pressuresymptoms in the latter disease the patient is very restless and morose; his reflexes are exaggerated and there is marked hyperesthesia. Simon makes frequent use of lielladonna in various forms; less often of the neutral sulphate of atropia. THE DRLNKIXG-WATER OF PHILADELPHIA AND CHICACO.

It is suggested that the staff should for the main- part consist of permanent officers with the help, if necessary, of part-time officers, and that tiie various typos of work should be well distributed so as to relieve the strain at present felt by the school dental surgeon who has to deal with children all iiis time. Foster, in a paper on the above.subject, stated that for the past two years or so he had had considerable experience in the local use of iodoform as a sorbefacient in cases in which chronic extra-uterine exudation and its sequela' were the chief factors in jn-oducing the symptoms complained of.

The writer has seen large pelvic abscesses which were recognized as such only by their breaking into the rectum or vagina. At the autopsy, both lungs were found firmly bound to the chest-walls by old adhesions. "When acute aonorrhoea can be cured within seven days of its on.set Tthiuk medical practitioners will seek the possession of facilities for electrolysis, and will discard older and less efficient methods for a system which is more physiological: methocarbamol. Sale - we regret to announce the death of Mr. On the contrary, it is not uncommon for ague to produce abortion, unless arrested, and quinine is the sheet-anchor in such cases. I satisfied myself with breaking up the fibrinous deposits, and removing all that I her recovery. John Gordon, of Aberdeen, Scotland (alluded to here last year), he published a"Note" and gives some of his results. The report of the Sankey Commission on the nationalization of mines is almost certain to be taken as the basis for legislation which shall be either partial or complete.


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