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'' These significant averments point to a high standard of scientific acquirement and expand the scope of ethical coi.duct. From this high temperature they often pass out of doors into an atmosphere with the mercury below zero. It is not well to wait until lividity sets in; at the same time, however near death the patient may appear to be, if laryngeal obstruction is the probable cause, the operation is to be recommended, with the understanding that the case is a desperate one which cannot be made worse by an operation, and that there is the remotest chance of success from an operation." Meigs and Pepper recommend the operation except in case of profound general diphtheritic infection, where the danger of the child depends upon the constitutional disease, even more than upon the laryngeal obstruction. The learned author never commits himself to paper unless he has something of interest to tell, and the new edition of his Medical Diagnosis has, for that reason, renewed claims to professional attention.

With regard now to its finest structure and equipment, I would first emphasize the assertion made by me years ago, that this portion of the nervous system depends in part on the brain and spinal cord, and in part possesses a peculiar independence by virtue of its numerous ganglia and the nerve-fibres which emanate therefrom. Physiologists know and regard every action as due to some definite cause or stimulus and as dependent on structural conditions: methacarbamol. Parkes, and he generously attributes to him a large part of the credit for the success The marriage rate in England has shown a remarkable falling off during the past few years, according to the reports of the Registrar-General. The Van Zandt County Medical Society met in Grand TEXAS STATE JOURNAL OF MEDICINE.

Recent number of the Texas Medical Journal contains an interesting article upon this subject, in which the experiments of Doctor Hava, of New Orleans, and the proofs derived therefrom, are rehearsed. Quinine and salicylic acid have not given brilliant results, although one patient in whom was diagnosed ulcerative endocarditis of mitral and aortic valves with micrococci in the blood, seemed to get better opposes Nothnagel's view that in cases of paroxysmal tachycardia every form of treatment is useless, because serious disease does not result from it and because the rapidity of the pulse diminishes of itself after some time, after referring to a case in which serious symptoms were caused by congestion in the pulmonary circulation, describes a case in which the tachycardia, led to a fatal issue. Next comes a case of synovitis of the left knee-joint after a joint at rest by means of a back splint. Wood, are interesting: broad, light yellow crystals in rosettes, and many irregular three pale granular casts; some mucus; uric crystals; flat and Examination of blood at this time showed red blood cells, bodies or crescents could be found. The operation was done with the hope of The operation was for the radical cure.

In the present state of our knowledge it is not possible to say whether or not frost kills the yellow fever poison, but the experience of many hundreds of epidemics shows beyond all controversy that it puts an end to the prevalence of disappears the danger of contracting the fever disappears also. A strict milk diet is administered when possible, but in case digestive disturbance is produced thereby, small amounts of broth of chicken, veal or mutton may be added or substituted. Did not use silk, or silkworm gut in the broad ligament, nor did he think that anyone was justified in using them. Substance to be used medicinally for the purpose of reducing temperature must have It must have the slightest solubility in If it is not antiseptic, it is negative in its action as "buy" a suppressor of heat; if it is not volatile, it accumulates in the blood and tissues, acts then as a foreign body toxic in its nature, and itself causes secondary symptoms which are mischievous and unnecessary, taxing active eliminative organs, like the kidney, to an undue degree; if it be very soluble in the blood and in the fluids of the tissues, it is the more objectionable on account of its fixation and slow elimination. He lived entirely on meats roafted almoft to a chip, and toafted bread; whilft for liquids he was confined to brandy and water only. Sur les LesionB de la Eetine et du Nerf Optique produites par la Meningite tuberculeuse et par toutes les Maladies Histoire de la Medecine et des Doctrines Medicales. With the multiplication of railroads and the improvement of our river navigation, these difficulties will gradually become of less magnitude; but, in the nature of things, they must always continue to be of very embarrassing dimensions.

Of thirteen resections of the stomach, completed in twelve cases, four As one would expect, permanent cures occurred only in non -malignant stenosis; the disease returning in the other, and ending fatally after from five months to two years; the symptoms, after recurrence, being precisely the same as in the primary disease. The patient, always a healthy man, noticed six days prior to admission to the hospital injured the part. His modesty was a laurel that shaded, but did not obscure his excellence. Certain it is, that melancholia very f-equently, as I fhall have occafion to Ihew, runs up into mania; yet we have inilances of mania, wholly and permanently diftinft from melancholia. The first effect of iiTitation in all membranes is arterial injection, which is speedily followed by congestion and retardation of the circulation; and although, as stated by Dr. Sounds of the heart clear; percussion indicated that the lungs were preternaturally distended.


The attack commenced with somewhat of a chill or shivering; and soon after there was headache, or some ether versatile pains in the back, joints, sides, etc., like frcm a cold. We have here, of course, the usual cardiac symptoms of an"Palpitation over tlie heart, in the epigastrim, and in the temporal arteries is sure to be present in bad cases, while the anemic murmurs of the heart and neck are solely dependent upon the degree of anemia, and can be banished by a prolonged course of iron. Perforating compound bullet wound of the thorax, with involvement of the lung. Its greatest value is the safety it insures against hernia.


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