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An improvement took place in the condition of patient from the time of her admission. The leg could be carried with ease in any direction, allowing itself to be brought anteriorly to form almost a right angle with the thigh. In such a skeleton form, made of either india-rubber or light canvas, of various sizes invaluable cushions could be carried with little addition to either bulk or weight of stores. If the disease locates in the muscles it is called muscular rheumatism. He will probably reply," But I must wash sometimes."" Wash not at all," is the first commandment in eczema. Upon his refusal I sent the account direct. Another factor favouring limg abscess is any method of operating wliich causes imnecessary traimaa of the tissues, with resulting necrosis and suppuration.

The bowels having been emptied by an enema, a catheter was passed with considerable difficulty and four pints eight fluid ounces were drawn off. There were always a few earnest souls wishing to remain, and the little speech was inspiring if nothing else. Hodsdon came to Florida stroke of paralysis which compelled him to remain in bed most of the time.


This phase of our surgical therapy has been sadly neglected in undergraduate teaching, so much so that a large number of us when we graduated have had but a hazj- idea of what to do, let alone make a diagnosis of our Success in surgery depends on three things; surgical diagnosis, surgical technique, and postoperative care.

One Hundred and Sixtv-Three Illustrations in the Text. The biceps and triceps also replied readily to percussion, and on tapping over and between the metacarpal bones, slight flexion of the third and fourth, and less of the fifth fingers was produced. In one of my cases, a very large inoperable round-celled sarcoma, two- thirds of the growth had disappeared under the toxine treatment, and at this point the x ray was used in addition to the toxines, with the result that the entire tumor disappeared In deep-seated and inaccessible growths the results from the toxines will probably prove better There is no objection to using both methods of treatment at the same time, and there is reason to believe that australia the combined treatment will give better results than either used alone.

They move with considerable velocities and from time to time one is diverted from the straight path of the conductor and flies beyond the restricting influence of its protons to the free space surrounding the filament. There was flattening of the deltoid, prominence of the acromion, some loss of mobility, and a good deal of pain. The formation of this set of rules spoken to the rapid development of plans throughout the country so that soon some two hundred were developed in connection with state and county medical societies. YOUR PATIENT NEEDS AN ORGANO MERCURIAL Practicing physicians know that many years of clinical and laboratory experience with any medication are the only real test of its efficacy and safety. The latter fact showed also that there was surgical neck of the humerus. The life of a sailor in the United States navy, thirty-eight years ago, is thus graphically manned by a motley crew, of whom Americans were a minority, and Englishmen, Irishmen, Northmen, and' Dagos' constituted the far greater part. Well marked chronic conditions have been occasionally observed in infants of only seven months. Finally a word as to the technique of excision. When the question is answered, the place of employment of the patient is found, and other data to show what was eaten and when the patient drank water away from home. It must be admitted thatvaginal hysterectomy is a serious and difficult operation, not lightly to be undertaken; but one who hks, and wo has not, witnessed, the terrible ravages of uterine cancer, will agree that any operation, however difficult, is worthy of consideration when the only alternative is death in one of its most miserable and loathsome forms. The committee recommends that the secretary be instructed It was voted that this be done and that a copj r of I appreciate the interest of the Medical Society of resolution forwarded with your recent letter in the problem of health insurance for our State employes. We shall see how, step by step, the low-born, uneducated craftsmen gained strength, and how at length they became the history makers of modern surgery, while Italian surgery, which had so long maintained the dignity of the art and deserved a better fate, was destined to fall into the background. Inspectors report to Surgeon Rules Adopted by Montgomery Conference for Railroad Quarantine. With online Directions for Preparing Artificial Pathological Urines for Practising the Various On Syphonage and Hydraulic Pressure in the Large The Practical Medicine Series of Year Books, Comprising Ten Volumes on the Year's Progress in Medicine and Surgery.


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