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For some time prior to the beginning of the year that the quarantining and questions of recovery of cases of contagious diseases, being left to a non-medical agent and the family physician in charge, were not productive of the best results in preventing the spread of these diseases. I obtained a media in which the acne bacillos would grow. Interest to many in the medical community. 'Phe impact of this and other conferences is evident in the goal-directed attention to these same areas by groups such as the Developmental Disabilities Planning Alfred I. It should be the last resort and should not be attempted until all other means have been exhausted. Stanley, who was passing through the ward, was requested to see him. Under favorable circumstances, however, when the dose of toxins is not too large, the animal organism reacts against these toxins through the possession of antitoxic principles in the fluids of the body or by means of the secretion of antitoxins by the cells of the animal tissues.

There are accurate directions for everything, and the student who will follow them conscientiously will, with the aid of some collateral reading, acquire more than a slight insiglit into vertebrate anatomy.

We wish the new society all kinds of success.

Kxaminalion about this lime disclosed a coiisideralde erosion about the os and an appearance like slight fissure to the left of the uterine orifice. And the same observation applies, in some degree, to persons from other of the Southern certain peculiarity of the air and water, which, although in general congenial to the acclimated, is unfavourable to the new emigrant. Tubercle bacilli may be found by appropriate methods of staining. The patient also may help himself with exercise, but the danger here lies in the fact that patients will try to overdo it, bringing on exhaustion which naturally slows up the period Last, but of equal importance with the others, comes the work of the orthopedic surgeon who must look after the body mechanics of the individual. He was immediately let blood to thirty ounces, and it was delightful to witness his returning consciousness. The general location of the enlargement is on tlie front of thi inside of the joint, but the disease may affect the whole joint. There are even those who assert that the modern liking for sweets has so reduced generally the power of metabolism Some recent study of antique Egyptian papyri, especially of the first pyramid was a physician. Carson continued his previous discussion by stating that he had been very well pleased with tbe results following the employment of the plaster-of-Paris jacket, and particularly in certain cases. The epigastric has been observed by Monro, Hesselbach, Lauth, and Velpeau, to arise from the obturator or some of the branches of the internal iliac, so that it might in some cases, such as in that detailed by Hesselbach, be carried to the inner side of Dr.


This being true, we ought to be able to devise some method by which we, who may be called upon to shed light where much darkness is, can be compensated: cheap.

This result, it is hinted, was owing to a strong opposition on the part of the Faculty of the INIedical School. During the past three years there have been many outbreaks of epidemic poliomyelitis in this country, scattered from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, and they have the general public as well as of scientists. Putnam that gives the remarkably good effect I will not pretend to say. At present it is generally recognized, however, even in Boston, that although ether is the anesthetic to be chosen in the vast majority of cases, chloroform is very definitely indicated under certain conditions, and this, we believe, is ANNUAL MEETING OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. One case wliieli was iniitc reniaikalile. Lower lobes of both lungs condensed, almost impermeable to air, congested moderately, friable, not hepatized; but resembling, when torn, the appearance of the spleen. The kidneys are injected; on section the surface is moist; the glomeruli show as red points; uric acid infarction in the apices of some of the pyramids. The urachus was half the size of a man's wrist, and on distending the bladder with air it was also filled, presenting a beautiful hollow pyramid surmountmg the bladder. The thanks of one and all are extended to the El Paso County Medical Society for their lavish attention and entertainment, and to each and all the good fellows who make up its membership and who did so much for the public and personal care of the guests at up his work on Colobado Medicine, and with this issue he voluntarily retires from his work the Publication Committee accepts a change with regret. He says that while them is so certain in its effect in "price" comparatively as small a dose and properties differing from th other coal-tar products, while it is cer tainly free from danger, if given in anything like reasonable quantities, which is not the case with other products from coal-tar. The gall bladder is extensible through the accumulation of bile if its walls are normal.


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