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The Jenner stain is prepared as follows: Equal parts of a eosine, yellow shade, and of a i per cent aqueous solution of methylene-blue are mixed in an open basin, thoroughly stirred, and set aside for twenty-four hours.

The fibres of chew these different bundles become so intermixed that we have found it impracticable to follow them, except for a very short distance, from the angles. The liver-cells, especially at the periphery of the acini, undergo fatty degeneration and become atrophied or flattened by pressure. A section of the abscess wall shows an inner necrotic zone, a middle zone in which there is great proliferation of the connectivetissue cells and compression and atrophy of the liver-cells, and an outer zone of intense hypersemia.

This germ is a short, mobile bacillus whose length is equal to one-third the diameter of a red blood-cell, and having rounded bulbous ends which often present a shining appearance, due rather to alterations in its protoplasm than to spore-growth, as was at first supposed. Even when both testicles are atrophied and small, sexual vigor may be retained. Ulceration may occur as an accidental complication and multiple catarrhal ulcers are not uncommon.

Surrounding objects seem to revolve, or the patient himself may seem to be gyrating, usually from the left to the right The vertigo may render walking, or even standing, impossible.

In reducing a staphyloma, the aim and object is to form a dense, fibrous, elastic, movable bulb, filled with fluid, flattened upon its anterior surface, and of such a size as admits the "100mg" ready adjustment of an artificial eye, and its free movement. In ordinary' cases the end is reached within a year or two after the diagnosis is made.

In the acute cases, within three weeks, the patient may be in a marked typhoid state, with delirium, dry tongue, and high fever. Its cattle population is slightly above country is divided into two parts, the peninsula, or Jutland, and the island, or Seeland. It is grayish white, usually not softened, and is abruptly outlined from the contiguous liver substance.

Sections taken from the soft part of the tumor and stained in lithia-carmine proved it to be a small spindle-celled sarcoma pure and hiniple. If the examination cannot be made within this time, the slide must be fixed and stained. Committee reports proved of unusual interest. In the latter case the disease may be due to syphilis or alcoholism, or the lesion may complicate chronic diseases of the cord that extend so as to involve the membranes, or extra-medullary lesions, such as tumors or disease of the vertebral bones.


The attack wears itself out in an hour or so, and the child is left with only the ordinary symptoms of The diafirnosis must be made from spasmodic laryngitis and membranous croup. Some of our patients have been admitted to the hospital five or six times within a period of two years. Although it is a decided fact that veterinary science is still only in its infancy, its days have been far stretched, for we find its first steps coinciding with the medical profession in its very earliest periods, which are buried in the history of ancient Egypt and India. The mechanism of healing following electrosurgery is slough of the dessicated tissue followed by granulation, scar tissue formation, and finally epithelialization. The old idea that THE JOURNAL OF THE MAINE MEDICAL ASSOCIATION P fibroids are associated with, and probably responsible, j for heart damage is scarcely tenable and has largely The diagnosis of fibroids is commonly made on bimanual examination when the uterus is felt to be represented by an enlarged, nodular or symmetrical mass which is characteristically hard. It is obviously a matter which should not and cannot be put in operation without the cooperation, advice, and counsel of the doctors of Maine. I trust, on the other hand, not to be understood by this to assert that every case of diarrhoea with febrile symptoms, occurring under the drcumstances I have related, was an instance of typhoid fever.

Mucous colitis with enteralgia in nervous women is sometimes mistaken for appendicitis.


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