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Another practitioner at this moment arriving, passed his hand through the placenta, which was implanted entirely over the os, and delivered the child. From these, he selects scraps, changes their wording and dictates to a stenographer. Delirium tremens is also an unfavourable condition. Mazzogran - among his munificent gifts to hospitals has the Royal Medical Benevolent College at Epsom. I merely desire to st.ite how I have applied well-recognised principles with equally well known means. The cell-pathology of Virehow, however, was based upon a law he sought to establish; viz., that every cell sprang from a ijre-esisting cell, and that we must not transfer the seat of oval action to any point beyond the cell. I will merely suggest that in the first place we should forcibly direct to the matter the attention of the Government, with the view of having the surgeons of all ships carrying any considerable number of passengers independent and dependable Government officials. In the coagulated exudation, on the other hand, the molecules might be observed at first uniformly filling up the air-vesicle; then formed into masses, vai-ying in size from the twenty-thousandth to the one-thousandth of an inch in diameter. The hand is now about three parts closed, and there is much puckering of the skin of the palm. To advance with the front rank of physiologists or zoologists requii'ed the whole of a man's time and thoughts.

This procUvity of the French to commit suicide, the author attributes in great measure"Of all modern people", he says,"there are none in whom general sensibility is more developed than among the French Incessantly carried away by sentiment, the Frenchman presents in himself the union of all that denotes the qualities and the defects of general sensibility; and it is hence easy to conceive how suicide is so readily committed by him. This is a shrub from six to ten feet high, growing throughout the United States, in close thickets, in swamps, and on the sides of streams. The loss of these two officers from the staff, so suddenly and so near together, shocked us in the extreme, and was a damaging blow to the regiment as well. I once knew mptiire of the heart to occur in a man who was supposed to have Disease of toe Cosonakt Abteeies. It is seldom conveyed through the air; like some other animal poisons with which we are acquainted, may learn mucli of the nature of these poison-eells by the study of those which we know so well. So amputations were made, including the distal two-thirds of the index metacarj)al and the distal one-third of the amount of dorsal tissues was sacrificed to permit of getting a palmar flap which would bring the scar on the back of the hand and also do away with a mass of soft tissues over the bone stumps that would have been a My exi)erience has been that where the pad of.soft parts left covering the bones is too l)ulky, it is apt to become flabby, gets in the wa)- when the hand is using tools, is more subject to bruises, and is more liable to become sore, tender and irritai)le. No adequate reason why this thorough exploration of the wound could not have been made in the course of the first twenty-four hours which succeeded the infliction of the wound, appears on the face of the various comments on the case. Tryit asked the advice of a neighbor and retired beneath a rock-candy, flaxseed and lemon juice, prescribed for him by his niece. There is a sense of very bad eases affecting the male sex, physical changes of wasting in them, with involuntary excretion.


It is, therefore, sheer folly and ignorance to stand in the path and forbid any one walking in the one right direction; it cannot be done. Then, when you have so perfected yourself, you will rarely have to call for consultation in your cases, of however severe or complicated a nature; but when it is done, then only to satisfy relatives Doctor, I can assure you, it is a pleasure to converse with an alkaloidal practician about medicine.

The hospital and school buildings being on a promontory, were not affected by the flood.

For the examination of exhibits by the judges, oitr exhzl'it tvas tioi examitud, and consequently no adjudication could have been made upon its merits.


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