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It is very possible that this disease is due either to a still different species of the malarial organism or to an entirely different organism. The death is announced of Surgeon-Major John Bowron, in his one hundred and first year. Elastic tissue is easily destroyed in the suppurative processes, when it suffers a fate similar to that of all other tissue elements. An internal, inwhich arises from the inner or Posterior I.vdicis Pe'dis, Abdue'or I An external, interosseous muscle, which arises from the contiguous sides of the metatarsal bones of the fore-toe.

Upon a woman of fifty-six whose first attack of gallstones occurred thirty years ago. Special attention was paid to the white corpuscles, which according to von Uskow's method of division were classified as young, mature, and overmature.


Allison to the eleciors of King's and Queen's territorial Division. He prefers to endeavor to reduce the temperature, and so indirectly to control the circulation. It also draws backwards and "at" downwards the prominence of the shoulder. A short time ago the Royal Academy of Medicine of Ireland elected Drs. About a fortnight previous to entrance he had to walk some distance, since which time he has had a good deal of dyspnea and the choking sensation has increased. MANSORIUS, (mandere, mansum,'to chew,') MANSTUPRA'TIO, (manus,'the hand,' and mancy; a common suffix, from fiam-cia, denoting'divination;' Divina'tio, Prstdivinatio, MANTILE, ('a napkin,') walgreens Bandage (body).

Feloniously assault, slay, injure, kill, murder,'" etc., with"silent prayer," stated with all the tautology and surphisage of the law, would seem to be next in order. Society held its seventy-ninth annual meeting in presidency of Dr. The author asks how we are to explain this and whether it throws new light on the channels of infection. In the paper of which I am speaking. Should a physician kill a suffering, incurably ill patient? The classic arguments against mercy killing are quickly human life, except in self-defense or the defense of others, has been a central tenet of the Judeo-Christian tradition. RA'TIO, Rationa'litas, (rear, ratits,'to think.') A reason, a cause, an explanation, a mode or manner; as Ratio symptom'atum, an explanation RA'TIOX, (from ratio,'a proportion,') Dia'rium. Points out in a clinical lecture the importance of a thorough subjective as well as objective examination of patients, taking as his text a case of uterine hemorrhage. The very respectable problems of foreign policy which have in recent times engaged the attention and elicited the energies of our BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. I could enumerate many instances of the more chronic cases of albuminuria, in which the curative effects of this remedy have been most conspicuous; but I am here concerned with the merely nervous affections. A decentralized system for distributing billions of dollars in tort expenditures is not necessarily a bad thing, but society has a powerful interest in understanding how those dollars are being spent, and what the distributional and broader societal implications of those spending decisions might be. Let me thank you for the honor you have now conferred, in electing me President, and my son, Secretary-Treasurer of the Medico- Chirurgical Society for the ensuing year.


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