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The patient's condition seeming to get worse, an operation was decided upon, but the same day patient had two rigors, in the line of the scar of the first operation. It is always advisable to examine the stools bacteriologically, and to test the opsonic index of the blood against the different organisms found. The walls of the uterus were soft and friable, and contained remains of the placenta so firmly adherent that it was almost impossible to separate them. In either of these conditions, the pulse is said to be delayed in reaching the wrist by its passage through the aneurismal sac. It doubtless contracts the bloodvessels of the endometrium, and hence is not to be compared with ergot, which causes contraction of the muscular fibres of the uterus, and hence is more efficient when the organ is in a state of relaxation. Whitefield of Eastbourne." The Dinner took place at the Star; Mr. I believe that a great disparity in years has some slight detrimental eft'cct. It was difficult for nie to express my thanks adequately to the Chief for all his kindness during these two most pleasurable days. Then, as to the instruments one uses. Organic paraplegia may be due to many various pathological conditions and may be spastic or flaccid in type, although in many cases they are combined. Elphick has recently modified Ballinger's instrument by strengthening the crushing blade and adding a sharp-edged blade to' detach the tonsil from the crushed SPECIAL TOPICAL METHODS OF TREATMENT Whilst general medical treatment alone suffices in some diseases of these regions, and is indicated SPRAYS AND DOUCHES FOR THE THROAT in association with local measures, in many others the modern tendency is in the direction Df increased refinement in and the wider application of local measures (eregra). Some of the alveoli are completely filled up by these pleomorphic cells; others are merely lined by a single layer of either tall or short columnar cells.


In such an institution the requisii control can be exercised, and there can be doubt that a healthy routine life can be provide for patients who otherwise could not afford the expense which would be incurred in carryii of epilepsy with mental defect, or the degenerat type of epileptic, cannot be dealt with at home and their condition requires that they be place in some suitable institution. To the first, a sufficient correction is afforded by the classification of diets according to the duration of imprisonment; and, if any place be happy in having a large proportion of its offences of a light char.acter, punishable by short imprisonments, rendered cheap by the infliction of bare existence diet, by all means let it get the reward of its virtue and vigilance. Willett instructed me to skin-graft by this method on several occasions, and I have now to thank him for kindly allowing me to report previously had been severely burnt about his right knee.

Considerable bleeding immediately following tonsillectomy with short anaesthesia, which does not cease spontaneously after a few deep breaths, usually docs so after syringing with ice-cold water; if tliis fails hot water syringing should be tried. There is no gross change in the field of vision. Neither can the anthropologist of our period fill the demands for information of all those who may need anthropological data. If not, the procedure must be repeated every six hours until the bladder is empty, twenty ounces being drawn off each time, and after that be passed at least three TREATMENT OF DISEASES OF THE DUCTLESS GLANDS DISEASES OF THE THYREOID GLAND Thyreoid Medication. The treatment is the fruit of simplicity, but name it first before tracings are made that indicate it, and all learned men would scorn it. If at a distance from a hospital, the operation should be performed at home. The swelling is so considerable that the entrance to the larynx is greatly naiTOwed. His powers of communication are almost perfect, his store of data embraces the world and a great part of the passed, he is the only creature with a record. If you were to form an opinion from statistics previously collected, you would be inclined to believe that this was a rare variety of cancer, whereas, as a matter of In the sariie collection of cases scirrhous cancer has presented itself seven times; indeed, it may be regarded as one of the rare affections of the tonsil. The trunk of the larger artery especially is found at places curiously twisted in cases of geneinl paresis; and I have found some disposition to twisting or varicosity in every case of the disease I have hitherto examined. An annual course of balneological treatment is often very useful; the regulation of the life, freedom from worry and the change of surroundings are probably of more importance than the chemical ingredients of the water.


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