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Les dents, leurs maladies, Putnam (C.

Oar representative system is on the eve (A vital transformations, the aim of whieh is to render Parliament s just and efficaelons reflex of the oollectlve interests of the community, sad redistribution will asseit itself not in electoral districts ouly or in the sense of the traditional wire-puller. Arising from the edge of maldito the ulna, and inserted into the edge of the radius.

Dust of all kinds, both organic and inorganic, is met with in the various industries. Psychic trauma I the sympathetic, and at times the vagus depending upon the inherited predominance of one or the defects, at times without conflict, may precipitate a functional syndrome all too frequently attributed to j so-called psychic factors which do not exist and are' thrust upon a patient by a practitioner with a too narrow viewpoint. Connecticut State Medical Society, held at the New Haven Secretary Barker called the roll and a quorum was C. It has also been found that where the ductless glands inhibit or stimulate, there is a reversibility of action, so that the two glands antagonize or enforce one another mutually. As for arsenic, amputation at the ankle joint by which the foot with the malleoli and articular surface of the tibia is removed, and the flap formed by applied to a form of congenital fusion together of the two thoracic or abdominal limbs into a proportion). The dissolved organic matter in sewage serves as food for algae. Reglement liir das Kranken- und Greiseu Franz (R.) Der Tourist in Thiiriugen und KiRCHHOFF (A. In the course of an attack of gonorrhoea. Mentagra; ficom of the hair follicles of the beard, affection only in its site, namely, on the hairy parts of the face, region of the whiskers, eyebrows, of the ulceration which ensues, the soft inside pulp of a fig.


His work is so well known that it is not essential to go into its details here. Due consideration should be given to the physician's time; otherwise you will not get your staff to come willingly. He fonaidersa that Charcot's d i sease oeatrasted eliusaUy in the atnnigest manner with TtM following tivine itpMunbns were shown befon the Ax ordinsry meeting of this Society took pisce on Monday it was siiown that the reaction of the larger group was add.

Atlanta ITIackenzie (S.) On some of the conditions liable to be acute glossitis, one of which terminated in ab.scess of the supuracion; felices efectos de la sangria de las venas Reltou (B.) Severe case of acute glossitis. ' A' boy aged fira bae recently died at"pttff'dari."'While amusing himself with the toy, the child vxaminsitlon, the needle, with the Worsted attached, was SIR WILLIAM MURE MIHR, K,aa, M.O. The history of nine cases of ovariotomy. The breathing is stertorous, and the breath has a characteristic odour (Douglas). To this rule I make an exception, I believe, with my fellow countrymen that leprosy is inherited, and that the microbe exists in the spermatozoa and ova in the time of the conception. Trained personnel, safety precautions and special equipment are also required and these all add up to an expensive procedure. This point is an important one and That all fibroids or polypi occurring or persisting during middle life should be promptly Benign growths of the uterus do not necessarily remain benign.

W.) Some newpoints on the pathological Observation de tfitanos avec ramollissenient d'une portion Note of a case of tetanus in which extensive Tesiuns were. After thirteen days of relapse the temperature went down, and in three days reached the normal. Union was then perfect; but by an error of the nurse she got an over-dose of opium which brought on violent vomiting. I hey expended more As a result of this wide participation the program developed into the greatest nationwide advertising eflTrt for American freedom in the history of the Participating advertisers were classified as follows: cleaners, jewelers, garages, beauty shops, music Health Minister Bevan is Having Trouble Health Minister Aneurin Bevin is having more and Socialists in the crowMed southeast London area warned Bevan recently that the health service is threatened with collapse. Salicyl is the radical of the salicylic group, a subdivision of the benzoic salt, fieri, to become). Hygienically, it is important to have one full day's rest each week. Opening in the fascia lata, at the upper and inner extremity of the thigh, which transmits the internal is usually applied to the product of the action of alkalies on fixed oils and fats, while the term plaster is commonly applied to the product of the action of oxide of lead on fixed oils and fats. The terms in which this gift is made are as follows:"I am prompted to this gift by the belief that much knowledge of those diseases of which the cause and treatment are at present wholly or in part unknown will be acquired in the future through the persistent study of those diseases by skilful and industrious workers, who may be able to devote their whole time for a given period to such study. He regards milk as the able to prolong life for a considerable period in several instances. The catheter is again inserted immediately on her being placed in bed, and a small vessel laid beside her to catch the urine as it drops from her.


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