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Mc William, than whom certainly no member of the profession was better qualified to judge would be that of assisting us very materially in determining the origin and mode of propiigation of certain epidemic diseases, whose qualities in these respects are not as yet clearly understood. As a rule, the early extrasystole is ventricular, but it is sometimes nodal and it may be a retrograde contraction. Local manipulation over the region of the stomach would aid in toning the muscular walls (see treatment of Gastritis.) In insufficiency vagus must be looked to. As the secrets of the vast domain of parasitism were revealed and the teachings of specific etiology and pathogenesis became appreciated, there sprang up in the place of the therapeutic hopelessness, inspired by the efforts now made to follow the chain of causation so far as it was possible to go; for it early became established that the farther back of the immediate causes of diseases we can come, the more easily and economically are they controlled, and, reversely, the nearer we approach the period in the evolution of disease characterized by open manifestations the more difficult is disease to overcome. How to resuscitate the moribund patient was now my concern. Microorganisms have been looked upon as causative in many of the more grave cases.

The good effect made every other day. Hallwood, James B., contract surgeon, retnrned to duty at Fort fifteen days to his leave of absence. Foreign matter was carried into the joints, and to let the finger remain intact I feared serious patient wanted his finger, so I carefully searched the wound, cleaned it and encouraged repair by adhesion. The illustrations are superb, the article is authoritative, convincing. The estimate of his real ability, however, for this high station I will leave to the Rev. In the case of a Member absent from the United Kingdom, in the Service of the Royal Army or Navy, such Certificate shall be signed by two Fellows of the College, and also by the Officer superintending the Medical Department of the Service to which such Member shall belong. One of the most extensive cases I ever saw treated with gome indifferent application got well in two or three months' time, and in two months more was worse than ever. These ceased entirely a short time after he "order" left the hospital. G.) A new method of locating foreign bodies by Gleanings from four years' experience in the correlation Stereoscopic X-ray representation, with an example. Substitutes harm Patient and Physician and betray confidence in the unique properties of Coca Represents TRUE COCA with a Sound Nutritious FRENCH WINE; An Adjuvant to all other Remedies in Inquiries from Physicians Receive Ethical Consideration. Three months after injury, and is online especially likely to follow secondary surgical operations or other trauma at or near wounds previously infected with tetanus bacilli. Some useful hints, however, may be given to the inexperienced. Dissection; is it not the economy, structure and functions of the differents parts of the body, and how to perform on the dead body the best known surgical operations? there is a difference between a demonstrator and a lecturer; the proper duty of the demonstrator is to attend the pupil for the purpose of giving him information in the dissecting room, but the lecturer communicates his information in the theatre; all that ought to be expected of a demonstrator is, that he should tell the pupils the names and uses of the parts which are exposed in his dissections.


As regards syphilis, Hebra maintains that he has much more frequently succeeded in curing affections of the skin and bones by the internal or external use of the preparations of iodine, than swellings or hard infiltrations of the lymphatic glands.

Reliable Pepsin is one of the best Digestive agents known. When the internal paper was fix inches fquare, clofed eye vvas yellow, incircled with a blue halo. Questions of casuistry and ethics in all relations of society are notoriously difficult of definition and enforcement, and your committee strongly sympathizes with the President's views of the necessity of the further instruction of the young in these matters.

All of the motions for stretching this nerve act partly through relaxation VII. Gude'S PepTO-Mangan has, since its introduction to the Medical Profession of the World, always proved its superiority over other blood-making compounds, and furthermore will always substantiate all the statements so highly commending its value. Some months afterwards she found that she was passing small quantities of fluid by the vagina, and supposed it to he caused by a rupture of the ovarian cyst. The patients recover speedily after anesthesia. Has been elected president of the section on neurology and psychiatry nf the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland.

In spasmodic laryngitis the epiglottis is sometimes caught in the rima, and must be released by introducing the index finger into the throat. Simpson had never intimated the necessity for such a procedure. While the final experiments which led to this discovery have only recently been completed, the conclusion itself is the culmination of investigations extending over a period of epidemiological field studies, actual feeding experiments conducted at numerous places in Georgia and Mississippi, and experimental research at Spartanburg, South Carolina, Trachoma was combated in the Appalachian Mountains, where it is most prevalent, certain states during the year showed that Great reduction in the incidence of malaria was obtained in localities where surveys were conducted.


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