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We must look for the dift'erence elsewhere. This condition is caused by the lodgment in one of the branches of the pulmonary artery of an embolus which has had its origin in or has reached the right heart from the systemic circulation.

The parasites seem to vary in their resistance to arsenic. Eyes to dust, or the irritation from hairs of the eyelids will excite it. He devoted much attention to the diseases of the eye, and often proved himself an expert and successful oculist. (See also fissures of the nipples). From this time to do a little good, but the loss of power gradually increased, the paralysis creeping up the legs, until she became bedridden; the legs could be moved up to within a few weeks of her death, but were utterly unable to support her. When the two buildings were rivals and subjects unusually scarce, a fresh cadaver was stolen from this building at night and conveyed across the roof to the other. The lungs may present advanced tuberculous changes or may be the seat The- heart is often affected with an interstitial myocarditis, fibrous or fatty. Egypt, Algiers, and the Eiviera are the most satisfactory resorts for patients from Other considerations which should influence the choice of a locality are good accommodations and good food.

Illustrated by Opera Medica Figuris illustrata ac variis mendis diligentissime expurgata A New Theory of Terrestrial Magnetism.


The most permanent effect is upon the optic nerves, blindness, which may last for a long Treatment.

With the pus, red blood cells are also present, though usually in small number. Some further results may be expected from experiments with the fluids in this case; but, up to the present, it may be said online that they have been fatal to mice, though not to rabbits.

The following paragraphs are based principally upon his work: (a) By combining different forms of the same substance. If the patients are sensitive and the need of antitoxin is great, small doses should be given at short intervals. The tuoercles in the choroid are rare and much less frequently seen Among the motor symptoms convulsions ai'c most common, but there are limb may persist for several days, or a cataleptic condition.

Indeed, the frequency with which quinine requires to be given, and the duration of the disease, notwithstanding its repeated administration, are all insurmountable difficulties in the way of accepting tlie theory of the chemical action of quinine on the malarial poison, more especially as the secondary lesions are not the cause of tlie periodical attacks. This reaction is usually transient.

It seems to act better in children than in adults.

Cazeau asserts that" although a haemorrhage is usually considered to be inevitable under the circumstances (placenta prsevia), yet it may not ajjpear even during labour, and the dilatation of Barnes supports this assertion in rather a grandiloquent style, in which he impersonates irature in a remarkable manner.

The avoidance of suppuration, however, is most important, since the stage of pus formation is the most dangerous epoch in the disease and many fatalities result primarily from the suppuration. Pairs, usually within the leucocytes, and is always found in the primary and systemic lesions. The New Jersey State Department of Healtli concurs with the U.S. Blood changes are similar to those described above,' but the poikilocytosis may be more extreme; the nucleated red cells are generally few and large nucleated corpuscles containing karyokinetic figures may be found. Absence of adrenal secretion permitted the anastomoses to open, rendering the In view of the influence of adrenal hormones over mucosal perfusion, chronic ulcer should not form and, coincidentally, gastric secretion It was not literally true, of course, but does emphasize an important generality. It will be noted that after the most favorable termination of pleurisy the pleura does not return to its normal state, but is left with a new growth of connective tissue which binds the pleural surfaces together over a greater or less extent. This form of chronic inflammation is common in syphilis. These movements may be undertaken either with or without a light wooden dumbbell in either hand.

The nodules before ulceration may be cauterized with the thermo- or galvano-cautery after which powders, such as thymol iodide or iodoform, may be applied. Ijedall, a pharmaceutical chemist in Munich, had obtained this resin in a pure state, and had shown that, besides the koussin, a blackish green resin could be obtained from it, which had already been separated l)y Dr.


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