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He is no doubt led to enlarge upon the nature and influence of preventable diseases, because of the many instances of total disregard of everv-thing of a sanitarjcharacter, and also by the ignorance manifested as to the principles of preventive medicine.

The discovery of the meningococcus in the blood may render it possible to give the antiserum in time to ward off the invasion of the odd cases to report, but the benefit from epinephrin treatment was so great that he docs not wait for further experience before proclaiming the advantages of suprarenal treatment in typhoid in the tropics. It might appear that the danger of typhoid from eating oysters is increasing. The following list "online" shows the dates at which the Schools will begin the business Physical Society, which past and present students of prizes; address by Professor J.


When the first teeth appear, along in the sixth or seventh months, a healthy child should be given some other food besides the mother's milk at stated intervals. In very rare cases the contents of the cyst.are absorbed, and a The treatment of hydro-nephrosis is altogether surgical. Had investigated the effects of coffee.

It may be either acute or chronic, the former occurring before involution is complete, the latter after that time or in the non-pregnant organ. THE CARE OF PUBLIC WATER SUPPLIES It is not enough for a city to introduce a water supply from a pure source, or to install a good filtration plant for a slightly polluted water or to undertake to purify a contaminated water by chlorin treatment, and stop at that. He found both kidneys in the pelvis. Very few operators have succeeded in examining the ureters, even in females, in males this procedure is entirely unfeasible, unless it be preceded by a perineal incision. Acuminatus in its lesser degree of intensity and in its general appearance. To prevent this the hands ounce in one pint of water. Required, in event of this motion being adopted, that every member of this Council shall pass the examination"? (Hear, hear.) The President here put the amendment, and, on a vote having been taken, declared it Dr. The blood might clot in situ or pass between the layers of the deciduse. In some of the cases, perhaps half of them, the eyes bulge and much of the white of the eyeball shows.

She admitted cheap into the Ospedale Civico. This disappeared however in less than a month, along with the gastro-intestinal disturbances, under mercurial treatment. That the Committee should have found reasons for rejecting my recommendations has not altogether surprised myself, when I consider the gulf which separates me from the Prisons Board, namely, the fact of my not belonging to the select brotherhood of prison surgeons; but that they could sacrifice on the altar of departmental red tape the recognised principles of the" submental knot," in order to do so after the foregoing evidence adduced in its favour, is difficult to understand. I say this, conscious of the fact that many surgeons do not hesitate to perform the operation, even in comparatively insignificant affections of the middle ear.

Tracheotomy is a means to an end; it is undertaken to guard against death from suffocation from false membrane in the larynx; its chief value is to gain time, while therapeutic treatment, properly so-called, can be efficiently carried out. It may also form the connecting link between a number of so-called rheumatic or neurotic conditions in various parts of the body, or awaken the predisposition to the local expression of constitutional vices or diseases. There was dulnessat the apex of the left lung. The anaesthesia was nearly gone from the head, neck, and trunk, as far as the waist, and from the upper arms. Its purpose is to get an effect on the skin nerves and blood vessels. The nerves are from both the sacral and the lumbar plexuses, the former through the sciatic, the latter through the anterior crural and obturator. The third and fourth ventricles are filled with pus and the walls are softened.


The terminal end of the platinum wire was bent so as to form a loop in order to retain a sufficient quantity of the mucus collected from the inside of the eustachian tube.


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