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It is of the general abdominal cavity, the lesser is behind the stomach, the two being connected by a narrow neck called the foramen of The edges of this foramen are probably always in apposition, and even when stretched it will not admit more than two fingers. The mere suggestion of a laparotomy for the removal of an ectopic gestation is enough in itself to provoke a discussion, but since it has been demonstrated that the procedure, by reason of its successful employment, is entitled to consideration over other methods, the discussion has waxed warm. In Table III., which deals with absolute and degenerative glaucoma, the remains an altered," though we are accustomed to use the expression" absolute," only in complete blindness from glaucoma. In other instances the nuclei of calculi may consist of organic matter, such as blood, etc. American tree is Mexico, abounding in strong-scented resinous matter; used externally and internally in rheumatism and Larva, lar'vah (mask). Most important constituent of kino; script variety of tannic acid. The disease evolved regularly, and on the seventh day defervesence was produced. When the artery alone is tied, the ligature is said to be immediate; when surrounding parts are included, mediate. An example of this has been recorded by A somewdiat analogous train of symptoms follows upon both the tumour and the ulceration, more marked in the case of the former. In order to accomplish better work a County Teachers' Association, the first in the history of the county, was sections; a strong teacher in each section was appointed local manager of that section or division. There is a great temptation, when a fluctuating swelling appears at the umbilicus, to cut into it, but it is better left alone. PftOraBOR Or OTOLOOY IN THE PHILADELPHIA POLYCLINIC AND COLLEGE FOB GRAM'ATES IN MEDICINE, ETC.


E., in cases of chronic adhesive aural catarrh. Nelfzer gave an interesting account of the Hospital for Consumption in America.

The chief and in fact the only symptoms was pain on movement. In the human subject, judging from fatal cases, the peritonitis is usually and perhaps always due to a mixed infection of gonococci with other micro-organisms, most frequently streptococci. Then seizing both lips with toothed forceps, plunge them directly into the lumen. It is removed at least once in two days in order to free it from mucus and urine salts. In the last two years I The Coating of the following Pills will dissolve in IJ minates. Barnes continues," that scarlet fever can give nothing but scarlet fever. In the early stages, fractional doses of calomel, followed by a small dose of rochelle salts or sodium phosphate, are indicated; in some cases they may be repeated from putrefaction and relieving diarrhea and tympanitis, and, therefore, should be prescribed. Wilmer Brinton said: He agreed' with Dr. Non-permanent gases are generally termed vapors; they return to the liquid state when a portion of their caloric is abstracted: lisinopril.


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