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The plan puts the institution into the position of being retained in a consultant capacity on an annual salarybasis by the various industries in return for which the Institute will permit the corporations to make use of its extensive library, files, and plant, and to consult with members of its staff and faculty. Polli, of Lombardi, has done good service by calling attention to the antiseptic and therapeutic properties of boracic acid. No gentleman shall bo eliKible to the office of Surgeon who is not a Fellow or Member of the Iloyal College of Surgeons in London, Dublin, Kdinburgh, No gentleman shall hold the office of Ophthalmic Surgeon who practises any other bnmcli of medicine or surgery, either in or out of the infirmary. Reginald Sleman, this sum being"A resolution was passed by the Council of the Medical Defence It is statr-d that the Governors of Firth College, Sheffield, have received official intimation from the Treasury of an annual grant Medico-Legal Aspects.

Rentoul's proposals as far as concerned the restriction of the abuse of out-patient departments.

Ear Hospital the following combination is found very useful: M. Papillon, Brent Knoll, already members of the Association, were elected members of the Branch.

Active absorption by the osteoblasts commences and as the circulation is reestablished the osteoblasts spread throughout the whole graft. As regards the time to operate, he had frequently had cause to regret delay, but he had thickening of the knee-joint, as it was called in the nomenclature of Sir Benjamin Brodie's day, palliative or medical treatment was worthless, and the sooner the patient got the chance of a good limb by operative procedure the better. In August menses lasted two weeks. Pain arising near or in the cardiac area and streaking upward and outward to the upper extremities, especially the left, is probably one of the most common and most distressing symptoms met with. All the members of the old committee, including such prominent workers in the tuberculosis field as Dr. Hearing at once rose to the easy recog nition of ordinary conversation.

Yet, notwithstanding the several adverse conditions under which the department operated, it is thought that the experience gained would be of interest to those members of the medical and allied professions who are interested in the development of industrial medicine; for it was from the viewpoint of an industrial physician that the work was attacked. On the other hand, they determine the total kidney sufficiency. Among the best-established of the facts developed by this study, is that cholera is in almost every traceable instance communicated by the use of polluted drinking-water. The general symptoms are often well marked.

As the Helmholtz theory is largely used price for the basis of instruction in vocal music, the need of a revision of methods doctrine of survivorship in case of two or more deaths In a common disaster. I happened to know a young lady under the doctor's care corresponding to his description;! also knew a young gentleman who had been very attentive to her. The mortality TREATMENT OF GOXORRHCEA BY MEANS OF SEA WATER INJECTIONS.

The perfected coating has the added advantages of protecting the tablet from moisture, and from breaking or crumbling in the container. It is stated on the label that it is guaranteed to contain exactly its weight of the purest bark imported direct from the plantations in Bolivia. Williams has been appointed to the SulUm, present in the actions of Rangiriri and Raneiawhia (mentioned in despatches, exposing their lives to imminent danger in crossing the entfance of the Maori kwp at a point upon which the enemy had concentrated their fire, with a view to render assistance to the wounded, and more especially to the late Captain Mercer, of the Royal Artillery.


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