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But, notwithstanding all reasonable allowance for impediments of this sort, we flatter ourselves that such materials may be collected, from time to time, as will enable us to present annually an acceptable volume to the public; while the great object of our proposed inquiries, as already explained, will gradually acquire consistence To the end that such a volume may be readily and regularlypublished, we have thought it advisable to add the following sub have formerly prevailed in any part ot the United States. Some two or three months previous to his death the boy had sustained a compound fracture of the frontal bone, for which lie was treated in St. Visitors come from a distance, and they must be hospitably entertained, so they draft on the white people to furnish the provisions. It was perspective free from nodules and its edge clearly defined, and its lower margin could be traced toward the right where the right lobe retracted beneath the costal margin.

If it be asked whether the doctrine of a precancerous stage and the habit of trusting to the aspect, etc., of the sore for diagnosis, do not occasionally lead to errors and to premature operations, I must answer candidly, yes.

Broadly speaking these conditions create more work for the pancreas by providing an over-supply of hormones, normally antagonistic to the action of insulin. The clot, for a time which varies with the virulence of the infection, remains uninfected, but unless the primary source of infection is promptly suppressed, the infective material makes its way through the wall of the sinus and invades the clot, so that there comes to be an additional local centre of infection continuous with the primary one, from which not only micro-organisms, but gross particles of infective clot may be carried into the circulating blood.

Advice is usually sought for the foul breath which may make the patient's presence, even when at a considerable distance, are expelled from the nose, and great relief follows, while the odour is for a time less intolerable.

Wilkie pointed out that gangrene can and does occur from A clinical experience of these conditions teaches rs that when inflammation commerces in the wall the disease tends to be self-limited, with Icca! abscess forma'.icn. Philosophers are no longer permitted to descend from generals to particulars, shaping them according to preconceived notions of their intimate relations; but are expected to proceed by a rigid examination and cautious assemblage of particulars to every general inference. Can we not have a united effort on the part of all doctors to send in report of successful vaccination as a part of report of birth? And that would bring up questioning parents and older chilfircn about their own preventive inoculations, anrl bringing these vaccinations up to date. Nature has made this a very strong bone, able to withstand the ordinary strains incident to everyday work and activities of the average individual, and even ordinary violence.

Body and continued to shine, to enioy life and to act as highest exemplars of moral force, till the spark of life flitted. It is, however, important to remember that some elliptic gaping of the vocal cords during phonation is by no means rarely seen in persons who are in full possession of their voice.


Let the public insist on being supplied with very light roast (the trade term) coffee, and I will venture to assert that the following remarks by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in one of his late Budget speeches, as reported in the Standard, will be more than justified: coffee was a tiling which tliere was no use relievlDg from taxation, because the people of England would not make it and did not like the trouble of having anything to do with it, and it was not a national beverage. When the external meatus is also implicated, the lining membrane of the auditory canal may become so swollen as to produce complete occlusion and thus give rise to temporary deafness. In employing the electric cautery a simple burner is preferable to any guarded instrument, as it allows more perfect vision. Unless one has had experience in purchasing for hospitals it is hard for him to realize the difference in prices of supplies and materials used for the same purpose.

She is most anxious to know if any special form of treatment or diet can be prescribed in order that she may have a plentiful supply of milk and be enabled to nurse her child. That tho verdict, as returned by the jury, which stated that Wr. The free movements of the vocal cord in the lastnamed disease, the relatively less pronounced hoarseness, and a history of chronic alcoholism are strong points in the diagnosis of these excrescences which, moreover, particularly in more advanced stages, tend to become bilateral, when a crateriform depression on the vocal process of one of the cords, into which the summit of the tumefaction of the opposite vocal process fits, often is eminently characteristic. Chase, Lewis, White, and Carrington and Mr. It is a guarantee of the Victor X'Ray Corporation's may confidently look to it for technical ad' Vances which will aid them in making the X'rays even more valuable than they now are.


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