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Guffey had tm led the successful drive to raise the funds necessary for the purchase of the new site and was quite active in the affairs of the Medical School. Toward the end the pain may disappear; this may be in part the result of the effusion and of intestinal paralysis, which prevents the intestines from rubbing against the parietal peritoneum, in part of the continued effect of toxaemia on the exhausted sensorium. Many exceptions to this occur.


Opii is onethird stronger, and being sold as laudanum to the public has often been the cause of fatal poisoning, and as often the profession has urged that its sale should be restricted. The several State societies urged the Regents to assume the responsibility of enforcing the Medical Practice Act.

After pointing out the beauty and importance of the section, Skoog paused for a moment to allow his In one of my first classes in pathology was a junior 2000 student named Nelse F. Morris Manges said that to those who had listened to what had been said on the subject of blood transfusion it seemed like a revelation of the value of this work, and he desired to emphasize the importance of this kind of work as he felt confident that five or six years hence the field for transfusion would be larger. (c) Sixth Annual Report of the Convention B.

Rosenau" made an attempt to secure sterile milk from healthy cows by means of milk tubes.

Are bacteria in the intestines to be regarded as a normal condition and necessary to life? Nuttall and Thierfelder kept young guinea-pigs, that had been removed from the maternal uterus by Csesarean section under aseptic precautions, for some weeks in a sterile condition by feeding sterile food and allowing only sterile air to reach them. When these symptoms occurred a diagnostic curetting was called for, and if cancer was diagnosed extirpation should be carried out. Such a condition would be in reality a symptomatic dilatation, and some authorities regard all so-called idiopathic dilatations as of this origin. Peham's experiments consisted in feeding ovarian extract to rabbits during a number of generations, his observations extending over a period of three years. Clough: We wondered if the tumor had extended into the spinal canal. If, on the other hand, these individuals premium observe recurrent episodes of violent or other disturbing behavior by the patient, their expression of negative attitudes provides an opportunity for the psychiatric staff to work with these adverse feelings. Membranes have not broken, they must be ruptured and the amniotic fluid discharged.

The moral centre of the whole case is this possible hastening of the foetus's death. Delay in the expulsion of the placenta was sought to be overcome by external pressure, shaking and emetics. In three cases of ectopic pregnancy seen by the authors transfusion was life saving. They appear, first, as grayish-red, smooth, gummatous elevations, which later undergo necrosis resulting in flat, sharply marginated ulcers, with a smooth, translucent, gray or yellow base.

It occurs by extension of disease from the pharynx or stomach, or from other nearby organs, is excited by mechanical irritation, such as a foreign body or a rough sound, by hot liquids, corrosives, or other chemical irritants, and occurs as an accompaniment of inflammation of mediastinal tissue or other parts near but external to the oesophagus, and in various acute diseases, such as diphtheria, scarlatina, variola, measles, It is a remarkable circumstance that the oesophagus has so great an immunity to the spread of infections from the pharynx; it must have impressed anyone who has had the opportunity of seeing autopsies upon patients who have died of scarlet fever or measles, that when the oesophagus is laid open its pale healthy surface contrasts vividly with the reddened hypersemic pharyngeal structures, and that the infection stops short at a well-defined line which marks the level at which the walls of the gullet appose. Then pain and tenderness developed in the right hypochrondrium, together with palpalation. The decision declares that the use of tugboats of"private code"' the siren in waters where the ordinary whistle will serve is also condemned. Somewhat later than this other objective evidences of the diseased condition of the appendix and the surrounding structures may be found, among which tumor and abdominal distention are most Tumor. There were no other significant physical findings. The knee-jerks were lost, and there was no ankle jerk to be obtained. Twilight sleep requires a more continuous presence of the attending physician; this is undoubtedly a favorable condition in labor, necessitating as it does more care and supervision. The number of Counsellors is known; the number of Delegates is known; the number of pajang members is known; the number of Correspondents is known; the number of exchanges is known; the number needed for medical periodicals is known. Too long the plaything of scholastic disputations or pushed aside as a negligeable quantity by aspiring pseudoscience and left to chance, therapeutics lost their true inherent connection with the dogmatic school and were, by a new medical sect, the empirics, considered an independent branch of knowledge and were supported by However justified the reaction of this sect against the empty pseudoscience of the dogmatists may have been, however lasting may be their nevertheless mistook the true spirit of Hippocratism even whilst invoking it.

These segmentations involve the contents of the bowel and do not indicate the kind of contractions that occur in the wall between the segments. The patient's appetite for food, especially meat and carbohydrates, had increased.


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