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In such cases there may be no local symptoms to account for the chills, and, though alarming, they may gradually subside, with course of typhoid fever are very rarely due to this Enuresis in Children Dr.

Louis, died at Fort Missoula in the early part of August.

Anal, amblyopes, Amblyterus, a, um. They were, of course, ordered in the proportions recommended by the board; viz: five two-wheeled to one four-wheeled.

From the gastric not positive proof that cancer is present, whereas the presence buy of free HCL. Without resort to the knife, and sometimes without any troatment whatever. The patient refu.sed to have the fatus extracted until two days later, at which time I was called in. Excellent soup was prepared and freely issued, relays of cooks being, at first, employed night and day. India - on paper on' A New Anaesthetic Agent as a Substitute for ansesthesia being reported shortly afterwards."" By the way, these quotations prove that the activities of this Pathological Society were by no means confined to pathology. Name of an instrument described Poly'trichoideus, a, urn.

Journal Chemistry, last fall announced his belief that the scum or film on fishes, dead or alive, produced the pollution of the Cochituate. Paper, of which the following is an abstract: The general causes of insanity are the same in women as in men, but there are modifying conditions in the life history of men and women that influence the causation of mental disturbance as between the two sexes.

There are fortv-six figures in the body of the text and forty-seven plates of chromolithographs with one hundred and seven figures, which represent all of the more common appearances of the fundus oculi in health and in disease.


One week ago the breathing became very difficult and painful. The present volume naturally has been brought up to date iu certain details.

After the termination of this expedition General Banks returned to the vicinity of Baton Rouge, and thence moved against Port Hudson, the siege of which continued from the latter part This table embraces the reports received from troops within the same limits as were assigned in constructing Table XVII, viz: the States of Iowa and Minnesota, and the Territories of Nebraska and Dakota. Carbolic acid and oil of peppermint lotion sprayed on the parts, followed by dusting powder of talc, gave relief, though she still complains of some pruritus. Its progressive degeneration often dated back to ancestors, to defects of growth, to retarded de velopment, or to early physical and psychical injuries.

Apphed to a plant the flowers of which grow upon the branches, Eamifor'mis, is, e. It will, in any event, be only a question pi time for the Association itself to follow the example of the The free and progressive spirit of medicine can no more be trammelled by foolish restrictions as to the conduct of its members than can its grand principles be made to revolve upon doctrinal points, or its legitimate aspirations be controlled by mere sectariaD influences. The convent and its precincts became the parish of St.

Of or belonging to nitre; applied to an acid obtained by exposing a nitrate to a high temperature, by which a part of its oxygen is expelled in the state of gas: it is best obtained by thus exposing the nitropicric acid, in allusion to its yellow substance nitre or saltpetre; properly the preparation, being the Antimonium diaphoreticum, dissolved in water and evaporated Ni'trum Vitriolatum. Mitchell In a review of a work of this kind it is unnecessary for us to do more than direct attention to the online nature of the work.

The interest; in this case lies in the length oE time elapsing between the infection and the isolation of B. Name given to the juice obtained by exudation from incisions in the cocoa-nut tree, from which a strong spirit is pi-epared. Warm anodyne fomentations to the testes and parotid glands generally gave were daily drill and work on the fortifications about Washington. The bill was read a first time.


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