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A rubber and iodoform gauze drain were introduced and much of the wound in the parietes left open.

Also we must not rigidly prescribe a dose every four hours; it is better to tell the nurse to give enough of the medicine to relieve pain, and when the pain returns to give another dose. In croup glandular involvement is a clinical novelty, as are subsequent palsies, while glandular involvement and various palsies are the rule in diphtheria. Spinal Anesthesia, with Special Reference to the Addition of no higher than the operation requires.

If we see the patient during this stage, which we seldom do, abortive treatment may be eminently successful. The scars of the previous operations were very evident. A direct relief of the hyperaemia of the liver may sometimes he very rapidly effected hy this expedient.

We were addressed the balance of the year by Dr. Sections of the brain made at this area revealed a focus of capillary dotSb AU this portion of the brain had undergone softening. Upon theft and falsehood she has laid the foundations of the'religion' by which she has accumulated a fortune." He is not content with assertions; he quotes chapter and verse, as in the accounts of the disease of which he had been"completely cured," and of the end of her English"show convert," the Earl of Dunmore. The Circlon at Allentown before the fire that threatened to mar tradition and deprive future classes of the esteemed Ralph is not very easy to know, But when he's around things really gloiu.

This problem is like so many more in surgery in that it can and should be used in certain cases and is strongly contraindicated in others, and its successful use depends on the judgment of the surgeon. Unfortunately there is a great obstacle in the way. If unsuccessful no harm will have been done to either heart report to their physician, as they are told to report to their dentist, in order that arterial hypertension may be detected early, preferably of course, before arteriosclerosis has developed to any appreciable degree; certainly before it has robbed the arterial tree of its elasticity or vasomotor response. Xo mention has been found of formalin-glycerin injections in cases of arthritis. It is not enough to say that by precept and by example he has earned our highest respect.

Dilated veins were several hemorrhoids of the ordinary kind. In addition, as an excellent adjuvaut, especially for its mental effect, electricity may be used.

Such a procedure is entirely unjustifiable in view of the much upon as a sort of glorified nitrous oxide which one could carry around in the vest pocket and use indiscriminately. Delille," however, in rabbits has found thyroid extract to have little effect on the adrenals. The operative treatment by the ligature and by excision receive especial attention. "A good cause can sustain itself upon a temperate dispute." The only point in which I would differ from those who believe in the higher percentage of malignant change is in not advocating the removal of an accidentally discovered fibroid that is giving no symptoms.

At the end of a year (i If I rubbed the foot, or put it down otherwise than just flat when I stepped, I was unuble to use it afterward. He is the son of Bishop and G-eneral Leonidas Polk, and he undoubtedly has inherited more of the general than the bishop in his father's character; for he has the quick decisiveness of the military man, and his personal bearing and precision of movement all betray the military element, which is his both by inheritance and early training. The results of this investigation, therefore, showed that in the internal organs of this body there was neither meconic acid (therefore no opium), nor morphia, nor atropine, nor conia, nor nicotine found. Since the Council determined, with the consent of the four munifloent donors, to issue provisional policies, this fund has progressed rapidly: news. Bread and sausages taken shortly before death must of course have been found in the stomach. Whether these substances really do good is doubtful, but patients are willing to take the baths more frequently when such additions are made to them.



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