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I was therefore convinced that I was not dealing with a functional loss of hearing, but with a true organic lesion. Prior to my communication no one had ever If Surgeon-Major Porter" quickly discovered that the injurious," he did not impart this knowledge to ns, nor did he suggest an alternative method. Every patient should be provided with his own basin and towel, or, better still, should be required to wash under"running water." When the disease is once established, rigorous isolation of all those afflicted The chief aim of the treatment must be to check the development of the hypertrophy of the conjunctiva, and bring about absorption of the granulations in order to prevent the destruction of the mucous membrane, and to reduce the previous results of the disease to a minimum. In"Uie greenhouse this blight is not a problem if water is kept off the Bacteria l wilt in carnations may be recognized by grajrish-green leaves, wilting and root rot, yellow streaks in conductive tissues, and stickiness of the diseased tissxies. Employed this way "ky" or given by mouth it is an effective pain-reliever in neuralgia, strangulated hernia, subduing the pangs of childbirth. The increase in total ventilation is met, as has been said, by an increase in both rate and depth of breathing, but the increase in depth rarely exceeds a third of the vital capacity der the demand for and the supply of pulmonary ventilation.

Spiegelberg; Demonstration of the Physiological Method of Treating Flat the issuance of a daily Bulletin of Surgical Clinics was inaugurated by a committee of twenty-one physicians representing the staffs of the various hospitals of the city. Nearly all professors began with a list of recommended books, often including such ancient authors "her" as Hippocrates and Galen, but concentrating on modern Morgagni, and of course such Edinburgh authors as Cullen and Gregory. Study of the preliminary subjects must extend over at least one academic year, study of the ancillary subjects must extend over at least two academic years, and, excepting organic chemistry, cannot be commenced until all the preliminary courses have been completed; hence the first section of the course must occupy not less than three years.

In this case the candidate has to pass a written, oral, and clinical examination in surgery and surgical anatomy, and may be candidate it he is not approved. The cauterization should include all infected parts of the tissue.


In the general organization of all the clinics the division of the city into various districts should be most seriously considered. The extent to which the hearing power may be developed can only be determined by actual trial in a given case.

Smut, mildew, rust, and Helminthosporium are the most widely distributed. In this case the working out of one cycle does not necessarily enable us to predict what another would be. Through these combinations words and sentences are developed. Cleanse the skin and let it dry. Doctor Hoffman, who is a past president of the West Virginia State Medical Association, was elected to membership on the Board of Directors for several months ago.

This latter rests upon the fact that the child cannot produce a good-sized spot on the slate unless he keeps his tongue down. West London Hospital, on October influence of the discoveries of Lister on medicine as well as surgery, he observed that the procedure of aseptic surgery was so complicated that it could be carried out anly under the conditions found in a modern hospital, and raised the question whether the ideal arrangement was not a judicious combination of the antiseptic and aseptic methods.

But to do this with the ordinary Saugman needle is by no means free from danger. L, and ordered to Washington, D. The plan above "intense" outlined would include other subjects in line with the general object of bringing before our boys and girls the importance of morality in their everyday life. The fracture could not be got into good position by the ordinary methods of reduction.

W'e admit numerically inadecjuate source of physicians for substantially and promptly increased then this Association shonld give consideration to the proposition of Past President Albert Ck "review" Esposito, i. Any required tension, and which will follow a swelling up or down, as the case may be, a feature unknown to any other bandage. Joseph banker is building a row of houses for rent to families in which there are children.

Lachrymal obstruction, or in that due to acute infection of the conjunctiva, the corneal lesion proves more serious. The hospital is splendidly organized and has formed a model on which similar institutions have been founded from time to time; the cooking arrangements would do credit to a first-class hotel, and dental and ophthalmic departments cricket are provided for the patients, elaborate arrangements the men are generally returned to their regiments sound in mind and body. Later an abscess of the middle ear developed from which Bporotricfaum was grown. Normally attention is distributed among all our senses. Turning to the question of the selection and appointment of professors, Sir William Osier expressed an emphatic opinion that all appointments should be made by a small board of electors, and the best men appointed irrespective of nationality. Except in the United States, and for the last few years in Great Britain, there seems to be everywhere stagnation, if not retrogression. Potential side effects include angina pectoris, anxiety, depression, drowsiness, hyperglycemia, hyperuricemia, lassitude, leukopenia, nasal stuffiness, nightmare, For full details, see the complete prescribing Kakaviatos, N.: The value of chlorthalidone gel plus Inter-American Congress of Cardiology, Montreal, Division of Geigy Chemical Corporation P RESIDENT Johnson has asked Congress to approve a far-reaching program of diagnosis, treatment and stepped-up research on heart disease, cancer, stroke Congress, the President also urged speedy passage of a social security health plan for aged persons. The tube was brought into view by an application of clamps to the uterine end of the tube and to the ovarian ligament, after which a clamp was applied to the ligamentum infundibulopelvicum.


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