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Because of the time required to train nurses for orthopedic work, they should bo given security of tenure.

A Manual of the Practice of Medicine, DESIGNED for THE USE OF Roberts, Loomis, Da Costa, Bristowe and Hartshorne. In view, however, of these properties, whose existence is established beyond dispute, we can understand why Prof.


In spite of the difficulty certainly to recognize a moderate hypertrophy from the a--ray silhouette of the heart, the x-ray study of this organ remains the most accurate measure for the determination of the actual size.

In Europe it has been discovered in a rider mineral lake in Tuscany. The bowels should be kept freely open. Why did you decide against surgery? I don t think I was particularly good with my hands and knot tying. In the second case the patient had repeated attacks of rheumatism and chorea, with endocarditis.

Clark's paper here to-day he felt that it would be a very good plan to treat these cases with heavy doses of radium or x-ray before as well as B.

We are well assured, that these restrictions have been considered as a serious hardship by the inhabitants of some of our colonies, where good medical and surgical aid is scarce, and where they cannot avail themselves of the good advice that is at hand, without risking the ruin of those in whom they confide, who might thereby be exposed to the malice of some informer. Supposing, therefore, the injured part to be removed before suppuration has contributed to the change, the patient may remain safe; enhancement and supposing these depraved fluids not again to be brought to a suppurated gland, the disease may not recur. Many of the views heralded as new were known years ago. One's own voice seems deafening at the moment that the tube is opened by an influx of air, and the voice seems to sound as if within the ear. Even in these, however apparent peripneumonic symptoms may seem to indicate it, the practice is followed by considerable, often a long protracted, debility (41d). I did not possess a pair of curved scissors, nor several other instruments and appliances, so I was thrown somewhat on I took a pair of ordinary scissors and clipped a piece of skin from the arm, having first pinched it up with a pair of dressing forceps, being very careful not to draw blood. There has been considerable discussion as to which of the two chief types amoebic and bacillary dj'sentery have taken toll of the forces. This Journal is entirely independent and impartial in this matter. It produces a warming, cordial impression on the stomach, quickly followed by a which extends itself to the cerebral functions, giving rise to increased vigor of imagination and intellect, without any subsequent confusion or stupor, such as are characteristic of narcotics. Various other lithontriptics have been employed; but the calculus seems a more male uniform concretion than has alkali, has been employed; and, more lately, the alkaline carbonated water, viz. By R Davis has seen but one case of carditis, and out of it he" Miss A. They may teach homoeopaths, but can not examine them, or sign their diplomas. Pancreatic extract must therefore be considered as taking the first rank among the available artificial aids to the digestion of starch. One of the striking phenomena which attend this state of the circulation, the blue and livid colour of the skin, has conferred upon the subjects of such malconformation the name of Pueri Caerulei. Four years ago, after her second confinement. The salines increase the peristalsis of the intestine, but not the fluidity of the contents, when introduced into the gut.

Fellowships have been provided to enable nine medical representatives from Czecho-Slovakia to pursue courses in public health, hygiene and preventive medicine in the preferred courses agree to serve the Ministry for from three to five years after their return from America. Pill - sugar is not commonly used as a condiment except in the form of currant jelly, or occasionally with mint sauce in the early season of lamb.


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