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Dissection (Ticket good lor tue following Winter) iln corresponding with Advertisers please mention The Medical and Surgical Reporter. This does not gainsay that other methods of treatment, especially the discovery and remedying of unilateral renal impairments, are not of the greatest importance, and we live in the hope that the efforts of those investigators who are engaged in preparing a biologic preparation for the control of blood pressure will be successful. I could not help being surprised that the pains should cease just liefore the commencement of time specified. When the symptoms in the sound eye assume a threatening character,we should not rely upon the division of the nerves, and in cases of intra-ocular tumors, the eye must be removed Optico-ciliary neurotomy is performed either by making a vertical incision in the conjunctiva, and separating the internal rectus muscle from its point of attachment in the sclerotica, thereby gaining an avenue through which the optic and ciliary nerves may be reached by a pair of scissors curved on the flat, the detached tendon to be reunited by a suture, or the nerves may be approached by way of an incision through the conjunctiva, avoiding injury of the muscle I shall perform the operation in the following manner: I shall first place the patient in a condition of perfect anesthesia, and secure wide separation of the eyelids by means of the speculum. Small collections of lymphocytes have been observed between the nerve cells of the bulbar nuclei. The evolution of the disease is less rapid and recovery is much more frequent than in general infection of the The most frequent situations of localized peritonitis are in the neighborhood of the appendix, as a result of inflammations of this structure, and in the pelvis where infecting conditions of the female generative organs are responsible. What I am now about to read is, indeed, most important, and well deserves the deep attention of every practical The third cause, connected with time and capable of modifying diseases, is of infinite importance, both in a theoretical and practical point of view, but has seldom attracted much attention. A trophoneurosis characterized by the development of a furrow in the digitoplantar fold and finally resulting in amputation of the toe. Some in time ago a gentleman, in discussing ray cases, said that convulsions in fever were not so dangerous, but I had the satisfaction of quoting for him the authority of Hippocrates, to show that persons who have been attacked in this way very seldom recovered.


Only one, of course, can win, but the labor of those who are unsuccessful will not be thrown away; it will be a preparation for more successful work hereafter. On the other hand, the chancroid shows itself soon after contagion, from two or three days to a week. It is supposed, for instance, that the yellow solid tubercle, one of the best defined of those which are found in the lung, commences in one form and terminates in another; that in the beginning it is small, solid, and transparent; that as it grows larger it becomes more and more opaque, and afterwards, under the inflammatory process, becomes softened in the centre and suppurates, the suppuration extending towards the circumference. Ritter, of the Reconstruction Unit, New York Post-Graduate Medical School, Columbia University, New York City, for the Steuben County Medical Society. The entrance of animal matters into, and their propulsion along vessels, depend most assuredly on other conditions than minute capillaries which are not red, nor even yellow, but quite transparent, there is merely a single line of red particles, separated by unequal intervals, and from time to time no red'particles are seen in these coloxtrless vessels; but I have seen no canals through which red particles did not occasionally pass, and which, therefore, deserved the name of imsa serosa, and Wedemeyer, who says he has seen such imsa serosa himself, confesses that some of the red bodies traversed them from time to time. A diagnosis of lesion was not made unless these accompanying characteristics were observed.

A robust, middle-aged man was admitted into the chronic ward of the river and port, was frequently exposed to cold and wet, particularly in his lower extremities, and that he was in the habit of drinking freely. Granted leave of Barrows, Charlbs C, asbisttint surgeon. One or two points, where stitches made marked tension, showed a surrounding skin blush, which disappeared on the removal of the stitch; immediately contiguous to this the wound edge looked as if made but a few minutes before, thus showing that the irritation of tension was the trouble, which, as before said, very rapidly disappeared when the deeply embedded stitch was cut. Infectious diseases, when acquired, are unusually severe in their course. The general pyrexia had subsided at the period of her admission; but she had her skin rather spain cool, and her bowels natural; but she complained of acute pain in the left side, which, she said, came now and then, catching her breath, and preventing her from taking a full inspiration. Henry Joachim, a specialist in internal medicine, who was president of the Kings County his apartment in the Waldorf-Astoria Towers Anticipating a possible shortage of doctors Dentistry announced recently that it was admitting sixty-five new students, the largest entering class in its history.


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