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Some interest attaches to the opportunity of observing the ophthalmoscopic changes so soon after the lodgment of the obstructing body. The giant cells noted by them were evidently megakaryocytes, which they apparently confused with the peculiar cells met with in the" Gaucher" type of splenomegaly.

The next case I operated on with a galvano-cautery electrode which I had made for the imrpose to avoid its prolonged application, for I was afraid that the cataract in the other case might have been caused by the heat.

The conditions in infants and children calling for different methods of treatment are carefully and conservatively considered, with the view of making as plain as possible the course to be pursued by the general practitioner. As the arteries diminish in size, the proportion of muscular tissue increases, until, in the smallest arteries, the middle coat is composed entirely of muscular tissue. The rule is therefore strictly observed, not to operate for cataract, etc., before any existing lachrymal trouble has been eliminated. His wife said he was very much like a child, he could be coaxed, and as a rule, was fairly well controlled. The pressure of the sigmoid flexure on the left spermatic vein, which is one of the alleged causes of varicocele, must be vastlj' greater when the gut is filled with long standing accuniiilations of fseces, such as occur in cancers and strictures of the rectum than in the occasional constipations of youth, and yet, whoever knew a varicocele to arise from that cause. And we believe it would act in such cases, just as it would in health, by paralysing the vaso-motor nerves. Some think that the splanchnic and pneumogastric nerves are not implicated, but that abdominal pain is excited only in the endings of the cerebrospinal nerves, distributed to the parietal peritoneum (Lennander). They are clear, concise, and satisfactory, and embrace a large number of diseases, both medical and surgical. By prolonged treatment of this nature, more or less improvement is generally in which this is not the case; in such it is necessary to have recourse to destruction of the sac altogether. " A neighbour says she detected, before the worm came away, a' humming or buzzing' about an inch from the umbilicus on each side, which has row gone away." I may here remark that I agree with Mr. All right! Glad to give them And here he is. The Secretary read an invitation from the Ladies' Memorial Association in of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, inviting the Society to visit that Institution. In many forms of exudative erythema there is blood extravasation, but this is -accompanied by overfilling of the blood-vessels, which may be emptied by pressure, the colour returning when the pressure is removed. In fact, oophorectomy for any sort of nervous disease is not usually done unless irritation in either the male or the female can cause nervous or mental diseases, even in the predisposed. It is part of every physician's duty to know how to operate on a strangulated hernia. Opium and peritonitis breed a vampire which lulls the patient to sweet repose while his life is being sucked out, and the doctor is looking the other way Remove the cause for peritonitis when you can. The artificial induction of pneumothorax to cause collapse of the lung and pressure on the ruptured vessel was unsuccessfully employed by Dr. Frequency humans of pulse and palpitation were not observed.


THE JOURNAL OF THE KANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY of Veratrone given subcutaneously in doses from buy intervals.

The eyeball was displaced downward and there was double vision, except when looking sharply downward, the image of the right eye being above that of the left.

But when, from any cause, the structural integrity of the new muscular tissue is impaired, particularly if at the same time greater stress is thrown upon the right ventricle, dilatation follows, the tricuspid orifice enlarges, and the valve becomes incompetent. The report of the Glasgow Dispensary for Skin-Diseases shows that for advice, and sixty-seven patients had been admitted to the wards of the Western Infirmary. If we now suppose other conditions for diffusion of cholera to be to-day what they should be remembered that, though Egypt has doubtless incurred repeated risk from her communications with the Hedjaz, there is no evidence that even Egypt has been subjected to danger from cholera, at any time, through her direct maritime communications with more Eastern countries; that the Suez Canal has now been opened for more than thirteen years; and it should further be noted that the present outbreak of cholera in Egypt is for not on the line of traffic between Asia and Europe; and it will appear improbable that the use of the new highway will affect the course of cholera toward conditions may be such as to affect the opportunities for the migration"Quarantine is not now regarded as capable of fulfilling its pretensions, and its least failure to exclude infection is seen to make the whole system irrational, and its cost and its vexations unjustifiable. But in the most severe cases we must have recourse to stronger remedies, the best, perhaps, being a pill containing sulphate of copper (J grain) and opium (J grain), given once, twice, or three times a day, as may be required.

The rest of the tumor was gray to white, with somewhat of a brain-like consistency, and there were small cysts scattered throughout the tumor (to). Continuing this line of thought we naturally inquire whether in the absence of a definitely haemophilic ancestry the disease may not originate de novo from the conjunction of a male and a female both predisposed to bleeding, whose blood has in each case the characters associated with the haemophilic predisposition. The trachea was found to be almost completely obstructed with thick purulent material (where). The dyspnoea tends to become paroxysmal and to assume the characters of bronchial asthma.


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