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Of vuifonoes is satisfactory; and that as regards other matters, progress is learn uiat the sewers are insufBciently ventilated; whilst private drainage is defective and a- source of nuisance;that the waterclosets are mostly without flushing arrangements, and, OS sucb, are a nuisance; tbat refnse-removal is nbt altogetliar satisfaotory; thsfe thonah the town hua a though the wwk of the medical offloer of healta is fair," sanitary admmistratiou is"lax. I examined the lungs, but did not find any serious rales or crepitation. Small glands, first described by Meibomius, lying under the inner membrane of the eyelids. Kethley, MD, Shawnee; Donald F. A person troubled with consumption of the liver often has a great change of the countenance, alternately pale, yellow, blue and spotted; has sometimes enlargement of, or pain in, the right side, cough, expectoration, attended often with vomiting, raising the food, costiveness, and hot flushes; also, frequently a weak, pale or blue blood, with small veins and weak and slow pulse, with more or less pain and soreness in the region of the liver. It has been prepared upon the basis of comparative analyses of cows' and human milk, and its prime pivotal factor is the transformation of the caseine and other albuminoids by a digestive ferment into a form in which they remarkably agree with those designed by nature for the food of an infant. It is well to look this fact in the face.

Black appearance, resembling that of the Boerhave to the gray oxide formed by long agitation of mercury in a canada bottle half full to a species of charcoal, prepared by burning the fucus vesiculosus in the open air, and reducing it to a black powder.


The usual antiphlogistic treatment is here of service; a free saline purge is of service aided by acetanilid or phenacetin. Since that time it has had its up and downs, its advocates and opponents. I found a thin liver-coloured cyst, with recent adhesions all over its anterior surface, and dark contents, with much old blood clot. The action upon the central nervous system has not been established, but the tend to show that it is but slightly influenced. When the men ses have been suppressed, and there is a copious discharge of blood from the mouth, it will generally be found of benefit to the person; and the physician who is acquainted with the philosophy of this matter, and knows sufficiently of his business to detect this discharge from a discharge of fresh blood from rupture of the lungs, will not regard it as an unfavorable symptom for the health of his patient, until he can restore the evacuation to its more proper and usual course. He recalled the case of a woman who, thirteen years after being considered cured of Pott's disease, slipped and fell on a large gluteal abscess. Jiutioe Kiinarr, though whether the way aiketdled to offdflt Meadty for ooete to be giTen in mch caaee." We iitnra to think it would be better if, ae euggartied aboTe, the tbe mediml nan, or signing the certlflcate. This lewis me into i short digression from the proper subject of my psper for Uu Eurpose of discussing a most important practical point I ave long been in doubt whether it is right to operate tqua recurrent sarcomata in tbe glands and in various putt of the body in from twelve to fifteen months.

But if the patient is suddenly attacked with severe and agonizing pain in the same region, the centre of which is located directly over the seat of the gall bladder, and radiates to the right shoulder; and especially if the gall bladder is felt to be distended, and this without any elevation of temperature, the diagnosis of biliary calculi is almost certain. Other special measures for the treatment of opacity are mentioned in In oyster-shucker's keratitis the yellow salve has proved useless. It is circumscribed by a prominent ridge, termed GLASS. Ladies should carefully guard against inhaling this fine dust; also, in sweeping rooms, the same caution should be exercised; and still more in the shaking of carpets and door-mats.

BURNT SPONGE, An article prepared by cutting sponge into small pieces, and burning it in a covered vessel until it becomes black and friable, when it is rubbed sacs situated about the joints, being parts description of the bursae mucosae. We take this opportunity of stating that all correspondence should be addressed to us at the Western Dispensary, Westminster, S.W. Words; it denotes that iodine forms one of A saflfron-coloured substance, which is precipitated when caustic soda is added to a solution of iodine in alcohol or woodspirit.

Urate of soda is deposited in the joint on the articular cartilages and through them, in the capsular ligaments, and even surrounding tissues. Henley, and the electrical balance purpose of collecting weak electricity. That he will use due care and diligence. The addition of Professor Hueppe to the teaching force of the University of Prague is an important feature in the growing attractiveness of Prague of that city lost a valuable member.

Eminent brewers, which is used as a dray horse, but is so tractable that he is left sometimes without any restraint to walk about the yard, and return to the stable, according to his fancy. Locally it is well to anoint the scalp with mercurial ointment, using oleate of mercury and everything done to preserve the scalp intact by scrupulous cleanliness and occasional interruptions in the inunctions. It contains a peculiar acid, denominated much online used in Europe under the name of Esprit d'lva is prepared from this species. For fifteen days the arm was treated with poultices, and subsequentiy for forty-five days pub up in a plaster-of-Paria bandage, at the end of which time the apparatus was taken off, bot tendons such as might be expected to ooenr in a limb placed at rest for such a pwiod of time.

Since that time he has been treated at the different Dispensaries for rosaceous acne, rosacea, chronic pharyngitis and nasal catarrh, and gastric catarrh. To remove the crystals the slides were then washed in hot water and again left to dry. But as it is slippery as an eel, bold fast upon it.


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