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The most disgraceful cruelties were used to force these poor creatures on their way. This is a water-dog, or a dog bred for the water; yet, because in this (as in other creatures) there are other characters and forms which pretend more excellency, and figure a greater height of virtue than others do, I will here describe, as near as I can, the best proportions of a perfect water-dog. Each stand is I occupied by a single person; these, on the j approach of the birds, mimic their cacJcle so well, that they will answer, wheel, and come near the hovel. Hunter has been at great pains in determining the order of the parts, and pointing out the tissues which are successively affected, and it is of considerable imjjortance to have correct notions on this point; but although the number and order of symptoms marked out by Mr.


We wish the new enterprise the success its worthy and independent We have much pleasure in announcing that Dr.

The submaxillary gland on the same side was also enlarged and indurated. The irritation of the system was relieved by the frequent application of leeches to the temples, the employment of refrigerants to the head, and the internal use of anti-spaimodics, such as valerian, castor, camphor, hyoscyamus, and opium, as the varying circumstances of her case demanded; and her restoration was finally completed by a course of veo-etable and mineral tonics. Fanning the feet at night might help sleep.

Thus we find that most of the surgeons who, in the present day, enjoy the largest share of the public confidence, are, as it were, the direct mental descendants of the men who, a century ago, introduced tlie first important improvements into modern surgery. In order to arrive at the conclusions of the present paper, it was necessary to state the whole of those facts with their various bearings, requisite per picuity appeared to admit of. Some of them are slightly transparent, so that they have some resemblance to bullae at a distance.

Herds of wild oxen roam the Pampas, where they are hunted and slain for their hides, which form an important article of commerce. It is like the interrupted bellowing of a bull, but hollower and louder, and is heard at the distance of a mile, as if issuing from some formidable being that resided at the bottom of the waters. This should be done every five or six days; and it is the only and best means to keep the hair on, though some cannot be prevented The only things now to be mentioned, are treated of these specifically, there is no necessity for here repeating what has already been said, which will be found under their respective headings.

Consider that patient may have trichomonas and be reinfected from a sexual partner. May be of great service, although only a therapy which has regard to the general condition and pathogenesis is of decided importance. It is obvious that cows should pills be stabled in clean, well-ventilated ))arns. The man also had irritating piles, removed by the surgeon. Containing the principles of that art; and an exact account of tumours, ulcers, and wounds, simple and complicated, with those by gunshot; as also of venereal diseases, the scurvy, fractures, and luxations: with all sorts of chirurgical operations, the method of dis" sccting the brain, by M. Considerations snr les maladies cutanees, et sur une nouvelle manieie d'employer le gourdon dans le traitement du Girouard (Achille).

But - the northern portion is too dry to be very unhealthy, apart from the danger of abdominal chills, but as we ascend the Nile it expands into the immense marshes described by Baker and others, which are necessarily intensely malarious, while round the great lakes the sleeping sickness, previously rare or unknown there, is Commencing with the dry Soudanese region, climatic tables of three stations will be found below, the first and most northern of which, it will be seen, is practically rainless. Calisthenics, or the elements of bodily culture on Pestalozziau principles designed for practical education in Lassaigne (A.-Edouard).


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