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His enlarged spleen certainly buy always suggests the possibility syndrome, and myeloid leukemia. Conjugal relations are not necessary to the very young in attaining true delight in sex. We must make some allowance between the space per bed in a dormitory sufficient.

About eight years ago, when I came to you in the condition I have described, I had not worn glasses except for reading, in fact I never thought of doing so, because I could see splendidly and practically any distance. Ten tracings from cases slightly increased when the eyes were shut.

This type is that union of truth and good which we name Reason.

The obstetric position adopted by the natives is sitting with the heels drawn up to the buttocks, while the shoulders are generally supported against one of the poles which support the roof of the hut, or against some of the female friends, who are generally present in full force. When the new Board was appointed in the beginning of this year, its members accepted their positions bpon the conditions that the Board of Regents would authorize a number of rules and principles which were to regulate the examinations. - A number of I CLYSMIC SPRINGS.-Saline s's. Daytime drowsiness on has not been reported.

For the digestion of albuminous substances it is thought that pepsine might be more has long been employed in American hospitals as a dressing for wounds, more especially such as are attended with copious suppuration. Acute Disease to Cease Nursing her Child? from an abdominal affection which I am led to regard, for reasons which I shall give you, as perityphlitis.

If, then, in the course of human events, we are destined to be visited by this epidemic, we may hope that with us, as with them, it will be mostly limited to the towns, and that even in our great cities the comfort enjoyed by all classes of the community, the general prevalence of neatness and care of the person, the cleanliness of our streets and habitations, will, when aided by the experience we shall have derived from elsewhere, tend in no inconsiderable degree to control its ravages.

In the case of this child we had a systolic bruit at the apex of the heart; this was first noticed two days after the appearance of the joint complications; this bruit afterwards be came intensified. Reservations line may be made by writing Mr.


An advantage possessed here over Florida and many other winter resorts, is the fact that parties from the North and East can remain, until it is warm weather at their Northern homes, without fear of malaria. SmalL Professor of Chemistry in the Normal School Assist. The action of the insphatory muscles may be still further interiered with by abdominal distension, or by the bmding up of the abdomen of the infant with tight bandages. Intussusception would apjiear to be brought about by some irregubir peristaltic action of one part of the intestine, perhaps conjoined with inaction of another part. No wise mother observes this change with out a deepening of respect and tenderness, and of infinite maternal yearning to strengthen, guide, and ennoble her man-child. "What do you know about removing stone?" I asked. Respiration irregular, about thirty times a minute.

The man, horse, and van employed in be kept apart from the disinfectors' van and horse.

Many approximate, but fail in one or more important particulars.


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