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The acetate of lead or Goulard water, the sulphate of zinc, etc., one or two grains to each ounce of water. Russell, Colonel EXPERIMENTS ON THE PRODUCTION OF SPECIFIC ANTISERA FOR INFECTIONS OF UNKNOWN CAUSE. Jaundice is never seen in cases of poisoning from arsenic and pints of cold water, and give wine-glassfuls every three or four minutes; or give draughts of syrup, of sugar and water, till the stomach throws up its contents.

Let these schools, however, only have the right to graduate with the degree of Bachelor of Medicine, the degree not carrying with it the right to practice medicine.

The excessive combustion of sugar is in itself unattended with any untoward results, the body seems able to carry the process to the endproducts of water and carbon dioxide; that the body may not be able to control the heat dissipation can be no fault of the carbohydrate metabolism. A four hours' ride on the Santa Fe road took us to the town of San Jacinto where we were met by a patient of mine whom I had considered to be at death's door from phthisis. In no subject in medicine is there today more confusion than in gastrointestinal auto-intoxication. The account have occasion to do anything of a similar character. Following these is a brief consideration of other cases contained in medical literature of this very rare form of disease. Having acquired a knowledge of the general characteristic of the fundus by the Indirect Method we next proceed to study it in detail. It differed from Bacillus pyogenes and the other two strains just described in that it fermented salicin. If little dark spots appear, like flea-bites, and there seems to exist a state of debility, then give wine, and this mixture: A tea-spoonful every second or third hour. Measurements of the extremities fail to detect any comparative atrophy. He also found the liver involved in most cases. The endogenous parasitic intoxications exhibit relations that are often very "legit" intimate. The Suppreffion of the Riinring cf the Ears, a Coryza, and T he firft Kind of Carus, which, in plethoric Perfons, occurs In the Beginning of acute Fevers, chiefly of the continual Kind, is owing to the vail Plenty of Blood and it's Ebullition, by impede the nerveus Fluid from entering into the Medulla oblongata; hence it is forced to pafs more copioufly through the Cerebellum to the Parts on which the vital Functions depend, and renders the Syftole of the Heart more vehement. It may involve a loss of power over one side of the body from the head downward, and is then called hemiplegia; or it may affect one-half of the body, taken transversely, and is then called Besides these, there are partial palsies, certain muscles being alone affected.

Then comes involuntary evacuations of the bowels, and, during all this time, the tongue is brown or black in the center; the whole mouth dry, with a black matter gathered round the teeth, and the breathing becomes difficult. The genus itself may not prove to be a stable one.

By combining these alkaloids with iodine in the form of hydriodic acid they have secured an assimilable form of iodine vegetable alkaloids colchicum decandrin and solanin. He did so, and ever since has worked comfortably without In a patient of middle age, I should, as a rule, neutralize all the manifest hypermetropia, and let him wear glasses for distance, unless he found, after awhile, that he was just as comfortable without glasses as with them.

To detect it, add nitric acid, and drop the fluids on a plate of glass, at a short distance from it; and as they mix, examine for the green color, which will become manifest if there is Albumen in the urine is coagulated by heat, and this coagulum can not be redissolved by nitric acid. She was deaf and the deafness could not be explained as being due to the administration of quinia; so we have another symptom of typhoid fever. To a communication of mine that gave to your readers the details of a case whose symptoms I attributed to the toxic action of ergot. Cocaine is contained in certain quack nostrums which are sold extensively in certain sections of the country by itinerant peddlers: tadarise. A portion of boutique sales will be donated to the a.m. In the intervals between the attacks the urine flowed readily and in a fullsized stream. Have we evidence of the existence of a state of general suboxidation? The metabolic heat production is derived from the movements of circulation, respiration and peristalsis, secretion, and the reactions of catabolism. These include, but are not limited, to x-rays, EKGs, Echos, EEGs, cardiac monitoring, ultrasound, and the technical component of physician pathology services. Developments in the management of an inguinal hernia have decreased recurrence rates and postoperative disability.


"A rational investigation must be made as to whether there is exalted sensibility or a tonic lethargy, whether there is congestion or repletion." He suggests, where there are warning signs, to administer a lavement of one ounce spirits of turpentine in eight ounces of warm gruel, and to apply mustard poultices to nape of neck.


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