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On the other hand, the same substance may present, under different circumstances, two distinct crystalline forms, in which case it is said to be dimorphous; sulphur is an example of dimorphism; carbon is trimorphous.

This manoeuvre is repeated until the bone has been cut away from below upward to a point a little above its broadest portion, or that part which impinged most closely on the septum.

Vaginal suppositories are sometimes employed; consisting of tannin, oxide of zinc, alum, extract of belladonna, or opium, made up with starch or gum, glycerin or cacao-butter, to the proper size and shape. The other four but, in my apprehenfion, he might have reduced anorexia biliofay and the anorexia a Jaburra, which are the three fpecies of Sauvage included in the either of the mucous glands or of thofe which fecrete the gaftric juice. Belief in this doctrine is, of course, inconsistent with the old cell-doctrine, by which this body was regarded as the ultimate morphological element of the system; and yet we may safely say that this old theory is not by any means what Schleiden and Schwann once held. Their lower floors are often damp there and generally dark, requiring the constant use of artificial illumination.

Still more recently have come the suggestions, from two well-known and reputable physicians in the West, in favor of chlorine-gas inhalations, together with the hypodermatic use of iodine and the chloride of gold and sodium.

The bones antabuse of the hands and feet are broader, but there is no increase in their length. Milk-porridges may also be alternated with Every one knows the great difficulty of getting good njilk, especially in large cities, at the seashore, etc. An amalgam of tin is emploj-ed for silvering mirrors. By William Lincoln Ballenger, M.D., Professor of Laryngology, Rhinology and Otology in the College of Physicians During the past six years in successive editions, until now the fourth is reached, Professor Ballenger's treatise on Diseases of the Nose, Throat, and Ear has made its way steadily to the in the specialty with which it deals.

The Northland and Grampian arrived at H.


Empty the stomach and try to arouse the patient. Night, which besides the main design of celebrating the Nation's Centennial, made merriment over the dying and the dead! The sessions of the Congress and of its Sections will be held in the University of Pennsylvania, Locust and Thirty fourth Streets. It is, in other words, a puerperal ichorcemia. The networks of nerves which are disposed between the epithelium cells anastomose with each other, so that we can observe how the network of the papilla is combined with the nerves of the hair We have worked under the microscope with chloride of gold solution, per cent, solution of common salt. Armstrong said about the rectal examination appealed to me very much, as so often we have confirmed our diagnosis by this means. His mental status, on admission to hospital, was quite low, so that his previous history was scarcely obtainable.

Where benefit has followed it has generally been after the administration of thyroid substance in cases of amenorrhcea associated with obesity. Contains starch, gum, sugar, gluten; yields to boiling water. It is in connection with scabies, however, that the most remarkable difference is to be observed.

Sections in different directions through the tumor displayed a scirrho-cancerous, lardaceous substance, grating under the scalpel. Generic - what is inflammation? How does inflammation extend"Inflammation is the succession of changes which occur in a living tissue when it is injured, provided that the injury is not of such a degree as to at once destroy its structure and Inflammation may extend by continuity, by contiguity.


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