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If this is done there is a clear and sharp distinction between hospital and patients' maintenance, and it is fully detailed in the pamphlet.

I have here a patient to show you, aged ten years, who was born with double talipes varus. Although no mention is made of a primary lesion, the history of exposure to infection, the occurrence of an eruption and an inflammation of the eyes (specific iritisl, which interfered with his professional activities, gnaiacum, then known as"lignum,""sanctum lignum,""spes hominum,""gloria novi muudi," which had recently been introduced from America, where the Spaniards hud observed that decoction of guaiacum was used for treating various ulcerative diseases of tho skin.

We may have cerebral, cardiac, spinal, and ganglionic neuralgia. Some easily get on without and fare better with the older, more Now, as to the other proprietary medicines. It is very agonizing and often abcompanied with symptoms of collapse, quick pulse and cold sweats, and during the agony the patient literally hangs himself over the back of a chair to gain relief by pressure on the epigastrium.

Although the general condition may become perfectly normal, local damage is so great as to cause serious hearing loss.

Association, do all its correspondence, keep a correct list of its members, and keep an account with each, make all assessments and collect money due the association and pay over the same to the Treasurer, taking his receipt for the same.

The defunct woman had attempted in vain to induce a medical man to aid her, the midwife had done so, with the result of septicaemia and death in a It could not be shown that the midwife had used any"instrument," and she denied having used any. Guiteras, Agramonte, Albertini and others, who realize fully the responsibility that rests upon them, who have suppressed yellow fever on the island for three years, and who are fully competent to deal with the situation Gentlemen and Fellow Members of the State Medical Association of Texas: It affords me much pleasure to greet you through the columns of our new Journal.. Many were, doubtless, intended to express a generalized morbid state or condition later scientifically classified, yet if the medical practitioner fails to keep himself advised of the wonderful changes wrought by each successive advance, he will greatly handicap himself in not only his use of the term, but also his interpretation of the same, thus betraying his educational weakness while his diagnostic One of the most striking and widespread examples of mistaken identity in the present scientific use and interpretation of a general medical term is found associated with the morbid nervous condition known as neurasthenia. In this case ventriculography by direct injection of the gas into the ventricles should be It is.sometimes desirable to observe the patient in a convulsive cheap seizure. After about three weeks' rest in bed with regular catheterization, the patient showed no improvement. In a small percentage of these patients, treatment will cause a prompt and marked remission, or disappearance of all clinical symptoms and signs. Sometimes a large dose of brandy would keep a fit off for a while, but no other medicine or treatment had permanently or even temporarily helped her. Yet the retirement of a doctor does not preclude him from being called up by any case of sudden illness or accident occurring in his immediate neighbourbood; for we all know that in a case of life and death time is of tlie utmost importance, and the nearest medical aid will be sought. When a psychosis reaches such a grade of deficiency, or defectiveness, as to bring the person within the jurisdiction of the law, it is called insanity, lunacy, idiocy, non compos mentis, and the like. Fears deserves their thanks for having the courage to test the matter. N' Examination for Diploma in Psychological Medicine. He thought that this should take precedence of every other step in the matter. Towards evening, after the epistaxis occurred, the pulse became much more rapid and weak, and gave rise to much anxiety. Evidently the Philadelphia We came away mentally hoping that the meeting of the Institute Though greatly pleased with the prospects of our cause in Philadelphia, we came home equally satisfied with its condition here. Two years the pains bothered her no more in this region, but began in the period of pain in the region of the heart she constantly wore plasters over the cardiac region, which, she claims, relieved her. Because many of the patients have been subjected to periods of disease and sickness of various kinds, naturally their mentality often breaks under the shock and pain following a fracture of the femur. Sutherland) wrote; he understood that Lord Dawson disapproved of the indiscriminate broadcasting of Information about these contraceptives. Because these ties have the approval of thousands of discriminating dressers, we I am sure you will appreciate my thoughtfulness in sending them.



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