Incontinencia Postmiccional

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The exception to this may be found in limestone sections or where there are fissures allowing water to reach the underground water The most frequent sources of contamination of a well are rain, washing filth into the top of the well, filth carried on shoes to the top of a well and then washed through the cracks, and filth from the hands of persons pulling the windlass or handling the buckets.

The thread was left attached, for the reasons already stated, and was bitten through by the patient. A child of four years of age, after resection of the second, third, and fifth posterior lumbar and second sacral root, to the extent of about two cm.


Herbert Parsons, Surgeon, University College Hospital; Assistant Surgeon, Royal London (Moorfields) Ophthalmic Hospital; Ophthalmic Surgeon, Hospital for Sick Children, Great pages.

Sir: As illustrating the practical value of the American medical code, let me give a bit of personal experience. Legg lias the disease may possibly appear in their offspring, seems to us to be carrying caution to excess; the most that we can reasonably demand is a restriction of this kind when there is a prohahility of the disease being transmitted. Possibly the reduced condition of the patient had something to do with it. The patient was sitting taking her breakfast quite calmly, and repeated her story of leaving school correctly and without hesitation. An instance is to be found in what is said of the treatment of phosphorus poisoning with sulphate of copper. Judging by the improvement in the death rate in districts where there is now a better registration of births, it is thought that the high rate of infantile mortality has, to an extent, been due to the previous non-registration of a number of births. We must content ourselves with this brief mention of the principal traits in the clinical behavior of such accidental processes, since a closer investigation of their details does not seem to us to be in place here. This suggests that possibly the eclamptic woman is suffering from absorption of amniotic fluid and has become hvpersensitive to this.

The cutaneous and subcutaneous forms, the hacJc, fundament, the neigTihorliood of the trochanter and most subjected to pressure in consequence of the posture of the individual in sitting or lying, the wearing of tightly fitting garments, etc. Packing-sheet followed by rubbing-sheet, were first resorted to. The manual serves quite well for In the issuance of his book on Inebriety, Dr. Otherwise, especially in cases in which cyanosis was marked, the result might be very misleading. Minnesota appointed three official delegates to this Association and gave them credentials. Nasal washes should be alkaline and used by means of a douche cup. The same result may be brought about also by means of the fluxions, which the anomaly facilitates to a high degree in the capillaries of the general integuments of the body (the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue). In fact, as is not infrequently the case, a submucous and muscular rupture of the pelvic floor can occur to such a degree as to involve all the tissues down to the rectal wall, and including the latter, and still the integument over the perineum remain intact and present no external evidences of rupture. I continued warm boric acid wash frequently in the eye daily, with atropine and cocaine drops; in twenty-four hours the swelling had nearly subsided and no pain remained (postmiccional). If my recollection serves me, the Vermont State Medical Society refused recognition to the delegates of the New York State Society, and in its action proclaimed itself an adherent to the Old Code, which (though no more stringently than the"New") forbids advertising of specialties or remedies. Hamilton said the quality of the drinking-water remained essentially the same from year to year, whether typhoid fever prevailed extensively or was absent; so, also, in regard to vegetables and roots for family use. Undoubtedly the most interesting point in connexion with leprosy is the bacillus found universally and invariably as its concomitant.

At the same time, however, the pallor of the visible parts, especially the mucous surfaces, is far from reaching that degree of intensity in scurvy which we are accustomed to lind in simple severe oligocythsemia (or oligochromsemia); it is often even entirely absent when the disease has lasted but a short time, although a very marked disturbance of the general health may already exist and the patients perliaps already feel exceedingly wretched and feeble.


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