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The names of the physicians who took part in that discussion in regard to the apparent increase of myxoedema in recent years, that ho knew of not fewer than twenty-one cases of that disease a frequent remark by the participants in the discussion that exophthalmic goitre was not materially relieved by thyreoid THE EXTERNAL USE OF GUAIACOL IN PYREXIA.

It will be remembered that this gentleman drew the attention of physiologists, at home and abroad, to the curious actions of Calabar bean by the discovery, some years ago, of its valuable effects on the iris and on rision. It has, introduced into the economy may become the nucleus of tubercle.


Having shaved the face of his'dead father, he soon, after used the same razor in shaving himself. Taylor, of Nottingham, has operated by a method somewhat similar to that of A on Graefe indeed, both appear to have begun these operations about the where the results of sclero-choroiditis posterior, extensive atheroma of vessels, staphyloma, or other disease of the eyeball, render it uirsafe to reduce tension so suddenly or completely as is done by the ordinary flap operation, endeavoured to obviate the dang"ers of escape of vitreous, hiemorrhage, and subsequent suppuration of the eyeball by a modiacation of making the incision with a small ground-down cataract-knife, entered in the cornea and sclerotic junction, and emerging at a counter-puncture, so as to incise a little more than the upper third of the cornea, the opening being well back, and larger than the large one sometimes required in Schuft's operation. Elizabeth's Hospital; physician to the New York Foundling Asylum; and a member of the American GynfBcological Society, of the New York Academy of Medicine, of the Medical Society of the County of New York (of which he was president), of the New York Physicians' Mutual Aid Association, of the New York Obstetrical Society, and of the New York Pathological Society. The next is little new in the mechanical and surgical steps to be taken, but those for the proper application and distribution of the antiseptic fluid deserve the closest attention. There are no regularly arranged epithelial ridges.

Narrowing of the blood-vessels, vasoconstric'tive: trazodone.

The following cases, taken from a number among my records, are presented for your consideration, as illustrating the class of cases under discussion and the means used for their relief: for more than thirty minutes at a time, without great discomfort and headache following. Benjamin fiushf states that he employed the Poplar bark in the treatment of intermittent fever" with as much satisfaction as any of the common bitters of the shops." value is decided, and well worthy of consideration at the present time, when we are liable to be deprived of our most powerful"The Liriodendron tulipifera. The tumour presented all the characters of scirrhus; the skin at one spot had been invaded by the growth, and ulceration had taken place. I anticipated at once the impracticability of effecting a cure. Martins, as in several of those of M. In by far the majority of cases the vision is simply imperfect after sunset, as in mine, and the patients are not blind in the correct sense of the term, as Mr. Again, although all the cases are not equally bad, there can be no doubt of the fact that there are many worse than any sent fronr AVoolwich, even under the imperfect mode of carrying out the law now practised. Equinus associated which one extremity or the trunk "ic" can be enclosed and submitted to dry air of a high temperature; used in the treatment of chronic rheumatism and Talley's Springs, Virginia.

The Medical News for on the Duration of Life of the Nervous American. While it may be possible to filter the water on a large scale before it enters the mains, the use of domestic filters on the house taps is not only useless, but dangerous, and has been discouraged by this Department on all occasions." Dr. In our investigations, we found the anastomosis so complete that the injected material (Prussian blue and gelatine) passed into the pudic and internal iliac veins, filling them up. Still it must ever be borne in mind that they are slow in operation to do good; but if they disagree, they are speedy to do mischief. With the introduction of sterilized milk, a great advance has been made in the feeding of children, especially in cities, where pure, fresh sweet milk can not be obtained. The fact that Miiller's ducts are the origin of the female internal organs of generation make tlieir presence in the male, in whom they are reduced to the veruinontanum, exceedingly rare. On the peritonitis supervening, but it soon appeared that these symptoms were due to a phlegmonous inflammation between the two wounds, both of which afterwards had to be enlarged to allow the pus a free issue. Joseph Jones, entitled (t Albinism in the Negro Race," recommend that, in view of its great excellence, it be submitted to the Smithsonian Institution for publication.

Several cases of the same sort, together with others of the opposite kind in which excessive exertion had failed to give rise to orchitis, had led him to doubt the theory that swelled testicle was caused by simple propagation. These seizures had averaged two a week for a time, and during that time the left breast had increased in size and become so painful that an incision had been made into it in the expectation of finding pus, but, according to the surgeon of the hospital where the patient had been, no pus had been found.

State Prison, which I copy mg from my notes. Its disagreeable effects are more apparent in autumn, when it prevails especially during September, and sometimes for the two following months, when it occasions a feeling of lassitude and inertness, accompanied by incre;ised perspiration, headache, and often irritable boils, and the sensation as if the body was covered with syrup. From the same Annual we learn that the typhoid germ may occupy the spleen and mesenteric glands without doing any injury to the patches of Peyer, and anyone, therefore, making an autopsy, and finding those patches healthy and not infested with the typhoid germ, is not justified in giving the affection another name till an examination has been made elsewhere for the germ. In all cases where a limb was to be lost, from any sudden accident, I advised and practised immediate amputation, or before much re-action or inflammation commenced.


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